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Thread: beta news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medoz View Post
    Bebynho, as you said, that you going to make BIG changes to stop milk, TO IMPROVE solo players, where it is? you just changed what? As I can see, you change that : anonymous raves no more? for what? for milk of course,but you change system on ga milk? WHO CARES???? solo hits are MUCH BETTER for hunter! back to round 90, needed 10 players to up stryker only from solo hits to huge stats, and this made really easy, as you said you want to help newbies to start hunting? HOW? now even more easier to milk to hunter stats, and how you can imagine they will start it? you think solo players can fight against team players? you think that it is big changes? you just changing same from same, lets do some rounds without normal raves, lets back, and its going and going non stop, there is no new systems, no news, its only old things, you even dont trying to make changes, because this game dont care about it, and you just keep changing what before was done, and you keep retrying this, if many people are asking, many people are leaving, why the hell you still using your systems? why the hell you dont listen to players wishes? why the hell you doing only what you want, you should delete even forum of feedback section, because you REALLY dont care, you will do what you thinking is better, you not going to make any radical changes, you just saying round after round, that you will see "we will MAKE RADICAL CHANGES" and what we can see? what we had few rounds before, all the same just one thing added from old times? WOW RADICAL CHANGES. HUGE PERFORMANCE. KEEP DOING THIS "GOOD" your job, keep loosing everyone, keep focusing on teams, keep on this " You doing really good" (sarcasm) EVEN IF WE DO FEEDBACK, YOU WILL ALWAYS WILL SAY HOW GOOD YOU WAS BEFORE CREW, HOW MANY TIMES YOU WON, WHOOO FCKING cares about this? you should focus on people feedback, and no to your ****ing victories, COME AND FIGHT AGAINST STRYKER if you that good, come, show us how you good as **** with your changes, come and show us how to win the game solo, show! stop talking this shit, and DO RADICAL CHANGES, and stop saying that you will do radical changes one time, because it is never comes. and what about new rule of trust? okay, lets do not milk our trust, lets milk our team trusts and mains accounts, its fine from you? its fine, that teams still be able to focus on milking? team with 10 players will have 22 accounts, 20 accounts for milking, thats how you doing? it is hard? what about missions for kills? should i kill 30times my friends trusts to get 300k stats? wow, big mission. what about who have no friends here? what about if they focusing solo, what about they must tryharding on focusing those missions, they will loose 30% stats just for mission or they will even disband it. and others will make it if few tc days just by using friends. so WAKE UP, AND DO THE CHANGES, stop talking about old times.
    Quote all.
    I just can not understand how all this news will help a new player. Ok fine the hunt in the premises but now with the locals no longer anonymous is easier for teams to main stats with disproportionate so it always runs the same game. My idea for the gang was great you have not even considered. Until the end will with 100 players, always the same. And the only loans that will run will be those of the crew. just turn around some profiles to see that the credits are those of the crew. Just look at the team ninjaboy or alessandra team, guess riddle of who credits.

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    I have an idea to give everyone a real chance ,, firstly it's really useless if you put assault button on front of player name or in a separate window ,, chances are still not equal.
    in my opinion assault must not count on speed either internet connection nor hand.

    what about a dialogue opens automatically when ever players meet in rave with 3 buttons (Run , Assault, Gang Assault) , those buttons must be random and change places every dialogue .
    a timer will also be a good thing to add too.

    Finally a different way to manage the escape and assault priority ,, i was thinking why not every dialogue can send a feedback to server with how faster was the user submitting his choice, this feedback goes to the server then a comparison is made and of course the faster player must have the priority.

    this way i think would eliminate the in-equality and will end the need to use more than one window to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    "IF we won't find a way to make it work for all we will not implement it." I'm referring to the new hunting system . You need to understand something , new players complain daily and every round about this and they do so because for them it makes no sense , TC is the only game , browser based, where you need 2 or 3 pages to use a feature so since they have no idea how to do that well they leave the game .
    You can still introduce these new improvements in raves for newbies, but leave, at least for a while, what was up to now. The practice will show which solution is more preferred. Using 2 or 3 pages when hunting is happend for some reason and after some time people learn this and achieve certain benefits. No one assumes that this game must be so easy on the start.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    Ok so let's say we add the rave bots , which btw is not a new idea and we are thinking about it now that we want to change the new hunting system , let me tell you what will happen IF we add rave bots but we do not change the hunting system

    1 . New players will try to start hunting
    2. Hunters , the ones that play with the teams , will hunt them
    3. New players will stop hunting because they will lose stats in the process so If i have to chose between 400 k hero and 30 k stats i will chose 30 k stats cause with that i can make more money
    4. AFter 1 round the only people doing the events will be team hunters.
    The intention of introducing bots is to increase playability for all players, not just for new or noob. When you start having more stats, the number of victims who can give you good stats automatically drops down, in fact in most of the time the only choice is GA or kill (get little profit from small accounts). If you are not waiting for your big victims to be online then you basically have nothing to do at the club. If we additionally consider the early / late hour the raves in practice became a dead zone in the game (you should try to hunting in these hours). Take into account that a lot of people like hunting for adrenaline themselves, if they have someone to hit in the club (with some profit) they will certainly do it. Loosing stasts by new players it's not argument, even when they taking drugs they can be killed, who does not want to hunt does not have to do it. And there is still 1vs1 limit to attack the same account... if you also reduce GA for that single players then everyone will benefit from it.

    Bots can be arranged in thousands of ways: more restriction (if needed), more interesting rewards, higher requirements for killing, etc. If you develop a good base then there will be no problem with its fine tuning in the future. You can also give it as option in profile, if someone does not want bots in the clubs then press on/off and that's it. Or introduce special raves where bots appear, reduce profits in there to 1% stats from normal player (or even turn of GA), and all will be happy, people can still hit something where we don't have online players, newbie have a better possibility to learn how to hunt (with reduced losses from strong players).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    History lesson time : 9 years this game had no change regarding the GA system , you were able to get milked and lose all in 1 night and why was that you ask ? Well because it is a CRIMINALS game and therefore you get scammed so you will learn that you can't trust people in this game .
    And that does not mean it was good. How do you want to keep players active until the end of the round when they lose their account in 1 night or even faster? Proportions of account building and the possibility of losing it was irrational. I'm not surprised why so many players leave this game. If I remember at the begining GA or 1vs1 take only 1% (or less), everyone start hunting and make sparring (via contact) just for fun, we lost little so no one cried when he lost many times, no limits were needed. You can't introduce/maintain mechanisms where someone loses their all job in a few moments (unless he's doing it special), it automatically eliminates players from the game to the end of the round and potentially discourages them from playing in the next (because the situation may be repeated). The criminal character of the game has nothing to do here.

    Personally I think you should reduce the profits from 1vs1 and GA, and possibly increase the hit limits, this can also be done from a certain level (starting when fight take 50k, 100k or more):
    4% stats/1 hit per day
    2% stats/2 hit per day << second is better, after all the total loss stat by the same player is the same, but it causes people spend more time in clubs and drive the whole game.
    All restrictions are good when they work in 100%. If this does not happen then the advantage of large teams between individual players (or 2-3 team members) is even greater, in practice it only interferes with the smallest. Now move stats beetwen main<>trust is forbidden, but big team can transfer that stats beetwen other main <> other trust X many that combinations, are you sure you can control it in a fair way? Moving stats can be done through the raves and how you decide whether someone did it permanently or not? Even in the same team people sometimes attack themselves specially or by accident, during the hunt it's happend. Unfair bans or letting others more (mostly from the top) is worse than putting rules that can't be fairly controled.
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