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    Default Ship Percentage on Drug Prices ?

    Is there any exact percentage about drugs when ship came to dock ?

    I asked this to couple of experienced players but seems like they dont know it too but it must be coded so i would like to learn if possible.
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    Well the low price drugs go up with 30 % I think and the high end drugs by 10 %. I hope I'm not wrong cause this is something we changed recently to be honest. Before it was the other way around but we wanted to give the cheap drugs some importance as well.

    PS : Soon we will rework the Harbor so stay tuned !!!

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    Hi Chalkias, if you check the change logs for the 79/71 round they are still valid because they have not changed until then (round 95).

    Round 79.
    The drug price increase on boats has been lowered to max 25% to be better balanced with the new skill points.

    Round 71.
    Boats can pay up to 40% more for low priced drugs.



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