First lets talk about Kill Missions

I've played TC like 8 years ago, by two years, when there was like, 10k+ people playing the whole day, everyday, well, like 4k should be spys, so, atleast 7k real people active, and you could go to any rave and easily find 3 4 5 different persons in there to attack, so you could hit 100 kills in a day easily. Now, 3 days playing, the most i've seen was 362 online, and i feel like 350 of them is just farming his stats, alone, on their own rave stealth, its so hard to find someone on any rave, and if u find, unless u have 300k+ stats you will be killed, so, if u are around 100k resp, 50k stats, you will never or will take a looooong wasted time to finish a 2 kills missions which have a bounty that can help you, but you cant finish it unless you try and waste a lot of time and stats being killed, to find someone who you can kill. So, shouldnt you guys, change this? Killing missions is not nice anymore, or viable mission for new players, and i've seen people making other accounts to do that.. Kill missions could be different things like success winning a fight in the fight club or anything else but not kill..

2nd, Virtual Gangs

The idea is very good, but theres a problem, if you dont have ppl enough you just have to wait 1 min to finish a mission, a whole waste of time, and most of the time it takes more, much more then a minute to auto finish the assault, sometimes like 3 minutes.. it must be a bug, cuz there says 60s, and so, its not many ppl playing, and most are not even active, shouldnt virtual ggs have more virtual players like the leader? Like an Al Capone gg, needs 10 persons, shouldnt it have 5 or 6 bots in there, to auto accept the assault and help us? We need 200 Gang assault for lvl 7, it takes one or two whole days to do this waiting 1-3 minutes per assault in a Virtual GG, having 5 6 bots in a virtual gg that needs 10 for a robbery would solve the problem, and help all new players to do missions, to do them fast enough to have good time playing the game.

Thanks for the attention.