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    Mar 2015

    Default Online : 394 ? ? ?

    Hi crew ... so it seems every month i come here the game is not getting that much popular...

    maybe reintroduce some multis to the situation and see the turn out for 1 round...

    keep these settings you have already , and maybe each user can have up to 3-5 multis.

    The raves is empty all the time ... coming back to round 14-15 , i was seeing + 9k online at this time of night : 19:42pm...

    i know many people might not agree , but something needs to be done , its only ever the same winners here .. boring ....

    this game has always been cool for the 10 years i have been a member , i just think something should be done in order to keep the game alive and the players.

    thank you

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    Dec 2008


    0-1000 7483
    1000-10000 1701
    10000-100000 1116
    100000-1000000 1069
    1000000-10000000 523

    These are the accounts and intervals and yes we lost like like 30 % this round but this is normal since it was summer and people do not play as much .... Next round I will send email to all trying to get them all online at the same time so you can be happy !!! PS : When we had multi we had 20 players , 20 real players !!!! I know you played multi and you like it but people do not have the time to play with 100 accounts most of them connect just 1 h a day after work or during work just for fun.

    Same winners is not our problem since we do not play nor can we control who is playing or who wins !!!! If you want to win play to win ...
    If you would check the changes we have done in the last rounds you will see we are trying to give all a chance to fight for top 5 at least and with the changes that are to come I think the game will become even more interesting and easy to play.



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