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    Quote Originally Posted by Pray3r View Post
    Alright, lets agree on one thing, im not that good at the game i have limited knowledge, however i have one question, why since i started the game i've NEVER encountered a single pimp? i feel like im the only one here, furthermore why all the top states are either robbers or dealers? why i cant find pimp anywhere if hes so great?

    I am sorry but you are making a huge mistake. Because there are some players playing with Pimp and probably they can even make top 1-5 this round. Here you can see them on the list.

    Respect: 8604720
    Kills: 5
    2. *Bebynho20
    Respect: 8165940
    Kills: 13
    3. ManDaRiM
    Respect: 7940120
    Kills: 27
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Abuse Team Member

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    Hehehe, because for example I have my respect hidden in hookers. I can agree that PIMP needs to invest a lot but now day 61 i will have same invest as robber , or close , and I will have 450 k profit per day without doing anything .

    My respect now If I put all on paper is about 32 kk respect and this includes what I spent on hookers on buildings and what i have in invest. I think pimp is not as weak as u think but yes it is a little bit hard if played alone and 100 % scary when you see how much money you need to invest to make profit.

    Money spent on hookers $173,595,000,000
    Total money collected $145,367,980,315
    Profit -$28,227,019,685

    Very soon I will be on 0 ... the total profit I will make from them will be between 43 kk and 50 kk , this is without ITEM but counting events for hookers. I think It is not bad but it is not perfect ... I will still have to stay on dealer and make ships If I want to make a good respect.

    I find pimp quite entertaining for the moment.



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