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TheCrims [AR]

  1. AFUNA
    howa mafeeesh 3rb wla eh :S
  2. 7abibi ya afuu we enta ya biro ;P
  3. sterben
    im new Arabic men
  4. Bluebaby
    hope its ok to join kisses my friend biro * sterben * hi afuna*
    sterben, the new one its me now
  5. hey ya Biro , el shewy we Afuna ... and Hey Streben
  6. We kman MrNoMeRcI , we BlueBaBy
  7. dsghdfhdff
    Hello ....
  8. hi all.iam happy to jion this group.i played before but stopped for along time.i think ill be back next round.
    but i know all this big names
  9. Happy bayram
  10. AFUNA
    Ola new comers !!
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