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Thread: help me am new!

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    Question help me am new!

    i entered the prison and i dont have much cash! so how do i get cash to pribe the prison guard and how much do i pribe him to let me go plz help plz!

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    Ur respect x 501 = money u'll spent to leave the prison.

    Or u can use 10 credits.

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    I had failed at least 2x with 501 respect. But never failed with 502 respect. I am not sure, but someone told me if respect higher than 10K than we should use 502 respect? any confirmation ?

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    I really dont know, im always saying to ppls to calculate ur respect x501, but with my acc's i always use x500 and no problem.

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    how about you all use x505..better than 500,501 and 502..its more safe..

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    Quote Originally Posted by latinskulls View Post
    i entered the prison and i dont have much cash! so how do i get cash to pribe the prison guard and how much do i pribe him to let me go plz help plz!
    to go out of jail:

    1º- you can do (your respect x 501) and pay it to pribe.. i always use 501 with diferent respect values, and it always was OK for me.

    2º- you can use credits too.. buy some, or ask to someone to trasnfer to you

    3º- you can wait till release time finish, and you save money and credits.. and while you wait, you can play with other accounts.. Multiaccounts are allowed on TheCrims.

    4º- this option is used very much for those who play for Top Killer. when they go to jail, they use rabbits to fill their stamina on their main account's rave (wich is in jail), and in that way, the account win money even if its in jail.. they get drug there till they have enough money to pribe to go out of jail.. but for this you need to have a business on that account, with good drugs in high prices..
    **we all start as 'noobs'.. and we will end 'noobs' again..**

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    Someone is needing to show work here??? Is it really needed to get 3 same answers to the same question???

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    You see, sometimes 3 times is not enough...
    How many times we have to tell you, that you should change your behaviour on more pleasant and collegue one?
    Sometimes 3 times is not enough, but I would say, that this time is last time that I repeat warnings towards you to abandon agressive tone of expression on this forum against anybody.

    If I can give you advice, please read our FAQ, there you can find more advices and hints related with beginning of the game. You can find it here:

    Especially stuff related with prison you can find here:

    Anyway, this topic is duplication of many topic on this subject. We dont like when players does not use search button, and duplicate the topics.
    So if you insist on continue to talk about this subject more, please choose one from these topics:

    Thanks for understanding
    and lock

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