DB3 [ID: 9726471]
2009-02-17 09:00:30
You are afreid shotta is noob!

HitTheBest [ID: 11061175]
2009-02-17 09:01:46
your res max 700k my res max 1300k

DB3 [ID: 9726471]
2009-02-17 09:03:46
OMG that is not shotta rsp that is NBCSM rsp shotta didnt do anything shotta is noob he dont know to play this game he give 200c. re. di.ts to NBCSM to help him win me lol

HitTheBestX8 [ID: 11766928]
2009-02-17 09:07:23
and your friedns tell you how to play

DB3 [ID: 9726471]
2009-02-17 09:09:31
SO what I still play alone! so wtf? that only prove you are nobs I play alone shotta play whit 5 people so there is no big difrence betwen us that only prove they are all nobs I play like half off that 5 that means 2 off them play like I do. NOOOBS

Posle ovoga no coment od njega ! Idiot!