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    Default Cant put accounts in rabbit mode

    i´ve got a problem, i didnt play tc for a time and now im back and i wanna put my accounts in rabbit mode, but i didnt entered in my accounts email since i stopped.
    and now i cant enter to my emails, so that i cant put my accounts in rabbit mode.
    if there is any solutiion , please help me..
    thank you

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    1. Try to reactivate your emails (recover-back)
    2. Make more email adress and new rabbits (there-s no other option) !

    Good Luck .

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    I think Admins could make his accounts in rabbit mode without his e-mails..

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    i asked this to and they said NO !

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    Yes its impossible.I ve got same accounts as your.. its better to creeat new ones

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    This is problem between you and your email provider.
    If you dont own email, then you dont own account.
    Without emails does not exist your accounts.

    There is just one sollution for you how your accounts can be given back. You could recover those emails or at least email addresses (make new emails with the same addresses).

    Admins can not manipulate with your account, just you are responsible for it.

    In the case of email changes abuse crew nor player himself can not change email on which the account is registered on.

    You should care about email on which your account is registered on same seriousness as you care about your game account.

    Good Luck.




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