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Thread: My Proffesion

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    Default My Proffesion

    Hey if someone can tell me I am a businessman but i now switched to gangster because i think businessman sucks why when i am a gangster and i do a hooker i only get like 20%-of stamina and when i am gangster i get like 100% back is there a diffrent way the businessman gets stamina I dont know because i always played gangster/robber/and the other one like i forgot its name its not pimp or businessman or robber or gangster i so i play him/or gangster/or robber so is there another way businessman gets stamina or is it just a pain in the ass proffesion?????

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    its not cause of what your character is.. its cause of how much intoxicated you are.. before changing character, you were not intoxicated, and now you are.. go to hospital section, and buy 1 dose of methadone, or more until you are totaly desintoxicated. and it all depend on the hooker too, not all of them give you the same amount of stamina.. as the drugs too, they rise your stamina diferently..

    hope this will help you.. have a nice game :*
    **we all start as 'noobs'.. and we will end 'noobs' again..**



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