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    Exclamation How to report ''Credits problems, Abuse Cases and Bugs'' at Support Center

    Hi everyone,

    You can use support center to report us about your problems, in this topic we are going to show you how to do this.

    Credits problems:

    Please, if you have any problems with credits, use the support center for reporting them.

    Just go to this link ==>The Crims - Powered By Kayako eSupport

    Choose Submit a Ticket here:

    Make A New Ticket Like This :-

    In your ticket you have to write the following info :-

    1- Your Full name
    2- Your E-mail
    3- Priority of your ticket
    4- The Payment method that you used to buy credits (e.g. Moneybookers, e-gold, Mobile Phone)
    5- Your transaction ID number you got when completing the payment
    6- If you used a mobile phone, from what number was the message sent
    7- Your Country
    8- Subject
    9- Explain your problem


    Abuse Cases '' Reports / Complaints ''

    1- You Need to start by going to Support Center

    Link ==> The Crims - Powered By Kayako eSupport

    2- Choose .. Submit a Ticket

    3- Choose one of those number

    Choose [1] if you want to report [ Hacked accounts - report users suspected for using bots - wrong sharing - sharing accounts - bug used by bad guys . Etc ... ]

    Choose [2] if you want to complain about your ban.

    Abuse Reports Only Section :-

    [1] Your full name
    [2] Your E-mail
    [3] Priority Level
    [4] We need to know number Of the rule that has been violated

    Ex : Rule #3 & #4 If you have been backed and your account has been shared.
    Another Ex : Rule #6 for someone use's bug that we don't know

    [5] ID number for the suspected player who violated the rules

    Note : Don't give nickname .. we need ID # .. because nickname can easily changed but ID will always be the same.

    [6] Your ID [ Victim ID ] <==Hacked Case's
    [7] Your E-mail [ Victim E-mail ] <== Hacked Case's
    [8] Tc day and time will be perfect
    [9] subject for message to abuse crew
    [10] inform us any other information, about what happened, history of what happened or any small information which is important .

    Note : Only English language Must be used in message details


    Abuse Complaints Section :-

    Use this section if you got banned and you think this is wrong ban and we will re-check your case.

    [1] Your Full Name
    [2] Your E-mail
    [3] Priority Level
    [4] Your ID [ Banned ID ]
    [5] Your E-mail [account's e-mail]
    [6] Your Ban Message [Just copy and paste it]
    [7]&[8] Message to abuse, feel free to write what you want [ in English ]


    After submitting a ticket you will receive an e-mail to know that your ticket has been sent, you will know your ticket ID and you will receive link and password for your ticket too .

    You still can report wrong flags here


    Bug Reports

    Just go to this link ==>
    The Crims - Powered By Kayako eSupport
    Choose submit a ticket here:

    Then choose Bug Reports department like how is shown here:

    Then you will see this :

    1- Your Full name
    2- Your Email
    3- Priority of bug
    4- Your account ID
    5- Game Version '' Live or beta ''
    6- Date ( fx 10 TC day )
    7- Subject ( fx bug at the docks)
    8- Describe the bug

    Then press '' Submit ''

    Good Luck!

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