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    Exclamation cant stay logged in!!

    every time i log in, it logs me out. even if it lets me stay logged in for a minute i don't even have enough time to do more than one robbery before it says " you have successfully logged out". this happens every single time regardless of what i click or do. i usually log in with my phone because my comp wont work, but its getting to be a drag. i tried with ie explorer and Firefox and both get same result. any help would be greatly appreciated

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    you could check this topic...

    Good luck.

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    i know that my internet setup uses two separate providers, and Ur right my ip changes like really fast between two ip's, probably because of the two providers, is there a way that i can fix this? i cant not change ip but is there a way i can not get logged out? i checked on "" and it just goes back and forth between the same two ips.

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    My phone does exactly the same thing, even though i use "orange internet" instead of my normal home connection.

    Phone sux for net anyways, thats what computers are for so i dont see any problem as its impossible to play tc properly from a phone!
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    I checked your logs and you are being logged out because your phone seems to change IP address. You login with one IP and then you are assigned a new one. That is the reason you cant stay online. Crew
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    nah its not my phone that dosnt work, its my computer. i have to use my phone to access the crims, but that is slow. is there a way it can be allowed or like at least me not get logged out of the crims when im on the computer?



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