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    Quote Originally Posted by nirvana View Post
    i think devs could make top2 gang medal :S
    **** top gang and **** all

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    Quote Originally Posted by NNxTBF View Post
    Mido dont talk stupids words in start i play with MrLupu . 4 kills ,and afer i decide play top1 Ro, Sp00ky and other 2 members start day 70 . You only speak for dont sleep .

    And Kedul with your Olympic .. Dont tell , have a ruigby team + a Fotbal team from Egy , + all devil donate 10kk + - and always tell Olymic The Best ! ha ha ha Really you dont know all this game know this . Ruigby team + Fotball Team + Devil slaves = Olympic more than 90 ppl maybe 100 ! =)))
    Man, i think that u are really idiot.

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    Same shit , different round

    Well done to all top 11, some nice resp there. Well done Kedul, GOoRylaZz, Milan etc... and devil/tiesto top gang.

    Thx for congrats to those who did xD
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    Default Ryan!!!!!

    "Yes im botter, but u are african find the difference"

    "I guess so (rofl) anyway for all history of tc u will be just a nygga/slave.. now tell me that i will be just a botter rofl"


    Botter and Racist? This is a great combination. Ok I know, you NEVER read the rules of The Crims.


    8. It is forbidden to harass, post links or content that contains Nazi, pornographic, racist or any other material that offend groups of people or individuals. Religious and political statements are not allowed. Reports against this rule will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the Crew has the liberty to decide the punishment.



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