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Thread: Round 72

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    Default Round 72

    -Items are back! You will randomly find them when you are doing single robberies, however they are quite hard to find these days!

    -The gang points for event gang robs has been increased.

    -Casino Royale is now the highest robbery for virtual gangs.

    -Training gains has been increased. You will get the same stats for the same length of training.

    -The fightclub has been completely redesigned.

    -The single and gang assault gains have been adjusted to depend on the difference between the attacker's and the victim's stats, for gang assaults it is the total stats of the attacking gang vs the total stats of the victim gang. More information is available in the Game Guide.

    -The 1000 respect bonus for hitman when doing a kill has been removed.

    -The gang center can be accessed when at the emergency.

    -New players will receive 5 free jail breakouts and 5 free private care sessions at the emergency.

    -Autostart of gang robberies is activated again.

    -A new feature this round is random people that you can meet in the nightclubs and then rob. Follow the instructions on screen and reap the benefits!

    The next round will start in 2014-07-14.

    Check out the The Crims Beta
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