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    I totally agree with caio. You are against changes because now you have to think to know how to do stats again and is not that dificult guys c'mon...

    Now i think that the gym can stay if the rabbits disappear, i think it's the next step. What we need is to make TC a better and more fun game to play, not break Nizari record... records mean nothing, because TC is always changing. What matters is how many times you can get top (even with the game changing/evolving).

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidstats View Post
    Hello guys, i don't see any benefits with this changes... I have a little acc , 4 hunt but i didn't seen much ppl in raves...They who had vote to the new changes, thought it will be more hunters... but no way.. And they who said: Much ppl play the crims with this changes, have wrong. Few players have many rabbits to train them in gym.

    I read some posts.. there memox said , they will don't put stats in hospital again.. why? Many ppl will return to play again... And Nizari.. before they changed the crims, you post: I don't think is a good idea , cuz the stats is the most important thing in this game... and KNOW U agree , why? cuz u want to no one will break your record or what?... I want back the old thecrims... cuz there are as many hunter as before.
    Probably Nizari have said that because he didn't play Beta with Gym...
    Now he is playing and know how easy is make stats...

    The game is more funny.

    About record:

    Zakarumita have Stats Record, but don't have respect record:

    Rodada 5
    1. Sc0rp0w
    Respeito: 73584700

    You want heroin with $1.350 again???

    It's the reason TC is the best game... because just who know the history of rounds, can say something about winners.

    PS: What Nizari or his team won with record? Just the same thing every winner won: A place in Winners and $$$... just it. Never exist an extra price.

    Play and enjoy NEW TC XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by caiodevries2 View Post
    I don't play???

    I play EVERY round since round 21...

    I don't play for stupid top gang... I don't have team to play for top respect or top killer and I don't have time (or patience) to play for topbr.


    You and MANY others just play for topgg (FACT!!!).

    Why I need lick someone to get stuped green medal? Why I need rob like a idiot for that? What did I win with this? NOTHING, because green medal is nothing...

    If you don't like more this game, you can leave...

    People change and continue with the same name... so, why this game need to change the name?

    Stop cry... And I think like Amex... and I think could be forbidden to play with more than one account.

    Many good players have stoped to play The Crims... you can stop too and you are not a good player.

    PlastninjaN1 don't play more and many others... They all have their reason... if you have one, leave and be happy

    Like Memox said: "This is not a democratic game"

    Bye :*
    LOL same bla bla shit conversation of licking, who licks here ? just because i say some trues u come with that shity conversation if i dont like and i dont agree i can come here and say what i want, if people acept changes without giving opinions we would live in an anarchy, so its my opinion i fight for a better game in my opinion, i respect ur opinion anyway, but if u mean that we must acept changes and remain quite. now yes i play for top gg sometimes, u dont care about green medal ? but there is someone who cares, when i desagree with some change it because it afects me and also all game, and who dont like the changes and stop play consequently thats because they dont give a shit for this they dont wanna contribute, i do care and i will defend stats in the hospital cuz it makes diference not only for me but for all players.

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    why kill like an idiot to win a skull ? what will u win with that?
    why rob like a bot to win a green medal ? what i win with that ? same u win cuz we are both idiots (think)

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    They dont realize that they will earn as much credits as now if they make the game like the way it was before.. The old rounds was really awesome, it was real TC and had a real TC feeling. Now i think that TC have become a site that dont give a shit about what the players want, as long as you make more ways to get more credits but you dont understand that more players will quit. If you make the game like it was before im pretty sure that more people will come back and play again and they will enjoy the game again, and the new players too.

    More players but with old system = same number of credits as with less players with new system so i dont think you earn more by adding this features, just make the players that are playing now to pay alot more than they did before instead of more players pay.

    Try to make 1 round in same way as the old TC, a OLD SCHOOL round and see if the players will like it or not

    Btw should you add Bounty hunting to the game again but i guess thats one more way to earn credits without pay by yourself, if some friends put bounty on a rabbit and you kill it its like chearing credits, thats why you deleted that feature because you didnt have any reason to delete it memox :P

    EDIT: Why change so much every round? It makes people bored, and it feels like you never are happy with the site because you change it all the ****ing time instead of keep it like it was before! I really ****ing hate when sites changes alot and verry often because when i get used to one thing, it changes and then i need to get used to that, and when im used to that new thing, you change it ****ing again! But the changes makes the game worse and worse for every ****ing round, Its like all this stupid changes on youtube or facebook too, omg
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    im hoping to hear memox say that next round stats are back in the hp

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    Eu acho que o tempo de um jogador ficar no hospital e muito longo!
    Para quem nao pode comprar credito e dificil!
    entao proponho que o tempo seja só de uma hora!
    E para quem compra creditos quinse minutos ou meia hora!
    Espero que aceitem minha proposta

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10miguelh1 View Post
    im hoping to hear memox say that next round stats are back in the hp
    hospital = stats using rabs
    gym= stats without using rabs

    TC does not encourage rabbit usage so hospital is not coming back, its a fact.
    You'll have to live with it

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    I think its good with changes in this game, sure there is some bad things after change.. but what the f**k you guys who say all the time " make it as it was before", you wanna sit and play exactly the same over and over and over and over, year after year? you dont think that would be kinda boring?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejordgubb View Post
    I think its good with changes in this game, sure there is some bad things after change.. but what the f**k you guys who say all the time " make it as it was before", you wanna sit and play exactly the same over and over and over and over, year after year? you dont think that would be kinda boring?
    So true Jord,

    Change in game = change in game strategy...

    You can still make stats, maybe not quite as fast as before, but everyone is in the same situation, you just need to adapt
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