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Thread: Bank investment

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    Default Bank investment

    I believe the investment system would be better if we would have the possibly to have acces to your money when it is in an investment .. What I mean is if you invest lets say 500kk $ in the bank instead of 5kkk$ by accident, you could get your money out to re-invest the correct amount, this could cost you a little money and you would not get your credits back.. This would also be useful when your money is in the bank and you can't buy drugs.. Any way just to say i think this would be really usefull i dont know if there is negative aspect about this.

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    you made me remember the ship of heroin, i saw a lot of guys Saying things like: "F ****, heroin is the next ship, theres at 100kk drug dealer and i can't buy coz i have all my money invested ! " ahah

    anyway I think its ok like that, just my opinion...

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    nah for me it should stay the way it is you have to know how to play so if u invest you take your chances u have to have your straregy and if you make a mistake its your fault there is no reason to make the game to easy

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    If you invest then you go all in, no pain no gain Crew
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    thats what im saying im with u memox if u dont take chances everything is more easy



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