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Thread: Quest system

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    Default Quest system

    First of all, I would like to thank all the developers of this game, which has been giving lots of fun to many.. many people.

    Nonetheless, I would like to know if this quest system (which btw has great potencial) is a project that thecrims is taking seriously. I remember when the first questlines, which where simple tutorials, where implemented, I thought that to be a great addon to the game, specially for newcomers, capable of adding extra "spice" and a simple story through out the gameplay.

    So, I'll leave this question: Do you think that this system should be implemented in a near future?

    P.S: I would gladly create some stories for these quests, since I like writing texts with this criminal mind theme xD

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    Yeah, I would love that. And having more quests won't hurt.
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    My intention has been to add more quests but I haven't followed up on that. I will hereby promise you at least one new quest for round 48 Crew
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