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    Default Memox unjustified ban

    Hey it came to my recent understanding that me and my brothers have been banned. My account being Donkeykong and my brothers Kamiiliia and my other siblings Valdimiri. I come to the understanding that the ban is for owning more than 1 account which unfortunately I just broken to get to you as there was no other way for me to contact any authorities. During round 54 I have never owned different account more than DonkyKong. None of the listed above signed from this computer that I am writing to you during round 54 therefore I am puzzled why my account was accused of violating rule number two. I understand the ip restriction which allocates one account on one ip at a time hence the accounts were never online at the same time. But the reason for that is that I got my siblings to help me to gain respect and stats as they are not taking this game seriously just to help me therefore the ban was unjustified and I wish you to get back to me and my brothers as soon as possible. Thank you.

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    Hi, you have not been banned for using the same IP only. We don't ban because people are using the same IP, then anyone who use a browser would have been banned by now. No, we check for more things and in your case you are playing from the same computer, same IP, transfer between accounts and you even use the same naming pattern for email addresses! I'm sure your brothers have email addresses on their own and dont need to use yours. If you want more details about the ban feel free to send a ticket to the support center ( and I will be happy to answer it in great detail. Crew
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