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    Default ****ing kidding?!

    right before day 132(ship)

    Daily updates in process
    Please wait while the daily updates are being completed.

    maybe you want fix this crap!?!?!??!!!?!??!?!?

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    Hi, this is not a bug, we have introduced a new system that will make some update every hour so there won't be so much lag or when the day changes, players won't be banned.

    All the best,

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    Just to make sure everyone understands this change, each and every player will see this update at the same hour, so nobody is (dis)advantaged. Crew

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    and the worst its after that i was banned for rule nÂș5 omfg now i will wait until the round end for they have my ticket read...come on that its a stupid auto ban put the **** captcha to apear more times so this not hapend...i apreciate if my ticket was a resolve aswer soon



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