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    Default TheCrims Crew needs you

    Hello everyone!

    We are currently looking potential Crew members, do you have what it takes to make this step? If so, we are looking forward to it!
    The applications are confidencial and will not be shared outside The Crims Crew.


    - Age 18 or older.
    - Medium - High knowledge of English Language.
    - Experience in game.
    - Ability to work in a team and the will to help other players.
    - Mature attitude and seriosity is a must!
    - You will not be considered eligible for election if you have been banned in game in the past rounds.

    The applicants must send their applications to [email protected]. In your application you must include the following:

    - Your name (nickname in game and game ID).
    - The round in which you started to play (e.g Round #15).
    - Previous experince with online games or forums.
    - Why do you want to join us?
    - What makes you different from the other applicants?
    - How much time do you usually spend online?
    - Something more about yourself, both the player and the person.
    - None of the above should be in any particular order, feel free to write as you please, as long as you answer all the questions.

    Good luck! Crew

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    Starting with this upcoming round you can send me applications again. I am not looking for a certain number of moderators, it can be only 1 or 10. It's up to you if you send a good application in english. Crew



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