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    Default bug or what a f....

    Does anyone explain to me why it has fallen so much respect my gang; without having done something wrong; someone finally Leaders toys can give me a responsible answer; yes or no; I want a serious answer from someone who knows finally my answer .... It can not be in the first position and have lost so much in respecting with no reason .... thx and waiting your answer

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    my gang is crystal frontier

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    Myabe you reiceve a gang attack see message . I think it isnt a bug but only your leader milk gang

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    no we dont have gang attack ... or leader milk the gang because im the leader

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    Hi, there is nothing with your gang, we have fixed a part from the gang points bug, you received points from actions even if you didn't do anything, so your points from bug have been deleted.
    Next time please use support center to report possible bugs.



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