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    Default The Crims Game Guide & FAQ

    Hey Gangsters,

    Welcome to TheCrims Guide!

    Let's start with logging in to your account

    To login to your account simply enter your username and password you received in the registration email in the top right hand corner of The Crims homepage.

    If you enter an incorrect username or password you will see the following popup box:

    As you can see from the image above, you have 5 attempts to enter your username and password. If they are entered incorrectly more times than this then your account will be locked for one hour.

    If you have genuinely forgot your password or your registration email didn't arrive use the button shown:

    You will then be sent an email with your username and password.

    Whats the aim of the game?

    The aim of the game is to survive a round which lasts 156 TC days (39 real days). The overall winner is the person with the highest respect after a full round. Winners of the top 5 international rankings are given cash and credit prizes. Winners of each of the different countries are also rewarded with medals in their account profile. There are also prizes for the top 5 killers of each round. Finally there is a medal awarded to anyone who is a member of the top gang and special medal to gang leader at the end of each round.

    In order to win the game you will need to use a variety of features of the game including single robberies, gang robberies, hookers, invest and much more. All these will be explained later in this topic.


    How do I really start to play?

    To begin with things can be made a little easier if you have VIP, although this will cost you 50 , 100 credits. VIP lasts for a 156 TC days and will continue into the next round if you buy it partway through a round. More information on the advantages of VIP:

    VIP events

    As a VIP you are guaranteed 20 extra events during the VIP period. Each event lasts for one day only so be sure to check your account daily to not miss a valuable event. What events you will receive is random, but there is a greater chance of receiving the boat and the truck than the others. The events available are:
    • You can own 10% more buildings
    • Boat in the harbor

      The boat is a small version of the regular boats that arrive in Crim City every once in a while. This boat will buy a limited quantity drugs from you to a higher price than the drug dealer offers. The amount of drugs the boats will buy increases during the round.
    • Truck at the docks

      The truck will buy a limited quantity drugs from you to a higher price than the drug dealer offers. The amount of drugs the trucks will buy increases during the round
    • Cheap drugs

      During this event you will receive a lower price on one specific drug at the drug dealer. It is an excellent opportunity to buy drugs for a better price.
    • Drug price up

      When this event occurs you will receive a higher price at the drug dealer on one specific drug. The price change applies to both sell and buy prices. If you have some extra drugs you want to sell then this is the time to do it.

    To begin with it is advised to buy a weapon and an armor. These will be automatically enabled when you buy them. You will find weapons and armors at the following page:

    You can start with buying a weapon. This is shown like this:

    Once you bought your weapons and armours, the active ones are shown below your stats. This is shown like this:

    You can also buy some heavy rounds that will increase your weapon's power with 30% only for 10 credits. (it will last for 28 tc days). This is shown like this:

    Now let's go and make some robberies!

    Until you join a gang you will only be able to commit single user crimes. All crimes can be found at the Robbery page which is above hookers. Until you reach 200 respect all robberies you can commit will be highlighted in Green, ones with a slight chance of jail in amber and ones with a definite jail in red. These can be seen in the image below:

    If you decided to buy the VIP package, the robberies you can commit will continue to be highlighted in the outcome colours even after you pass 200 respect. Each of the robberies get harder to commit as you scroll down the list. To begin with you will only see the first 7 robberies, but more will be unlocked as you up your level. You can see your current level at the profile section underneath your username. The levels page is where you can see your current level and the requirements you must reach to level up

    I've ran out of stamina! Now what?

    Your stamina will raise back up its self at different speeds depending on your spirit (shown in the top right of the page). If your spirit shows very high your stamina will rise the quickest, where as if it shows very low it will increase very slowly.

    In order to boost your stamina up instantly you can take drugs. To do this go to the nightlife option on the left hand side

    Once you have found a rave click on the enter button

    When in the nightclub there will be a number of different drugs available depending on which nightclub you enter. Next just enter the amount which you wish to purchase in the box next to that drug and press "buy". Your stamina will now raise, unless you get a bad drug and you will get the message "that was bad shit" and your stamina will decrease.

    The list below shows the value of drugs after a detox or methadone treatment, but as you take more and more drugs the values will decrease and the drugs will not increase your stamina as well as they did at first.

    Painkillers 1%
    Weed 1%
    Booze 2%
    Magic mushrooms 2%
    Hash 2,5%
    LSD 3%
    Ecstacy 4%
    GHB 4%
    Amphetamine 5%
    Opium 6%
    Cocaine 7%
    Special k 7%
    Morphine 8%
    Heroin 8,5%

    This is going to be the rave style when you enter there:

    You can see that you have also 2 options there:

    1- Add this rave to your favorites.
    2- Exit.

    I've met someone in a rave, what should I do?

    You don't need to worry about meeting anybody in a rave until you are over 200 respect. It is from this point that they will be able to attack you. It is always good practice to stay away from the official Crims raves if you wish to not be attacked. These raves are shown in larger, bolder text and include Aquarius, The Loft, Bazement, Tivoli, The Dug, Blizzout, Cantina, The Outpost, Blue Oyster.

    If you do meet someone in rave you have 3 options:
    1. If you think you can win them in an assault, then go for it.
    2. Overdose on the drugs in the rave immediately.
    3. Go quickly to the hospital and "Change Face"

    Your best way to avoid being attacked is to buy your own rave as it is much less likely that other players will find it and limit the respect as big as yours.

    Now let's see How can you attack someone.

    As we mentioned before, other players will not be able to assault you until you are over 200 respect. There are two forms of assault in the game. Single assault and Gang assault. To do a single assault victim must be over 200 respect. To take part in a gang assault you must be over 500 respect and inside a gang with at least 1 other player.

    Note: To attack someone you must have at least 50% stamina & There is a new feature on the game called '' account protection '' it will last until when account reaches 15000 respect.

    Now to do an assault first you need to get a "red relation" with another player. Red relations are gained through meeting players in a rave. Once you get a relation, follow the next steps:

    Note:If you have already bought VIP Package then you will see at single assault menu nicks in red only if you meet someone who has bigger respect than you at raves.

    Go to the assault page in the top left of the screen. As it's shown here:

    Choose whether you are going to commit a single assault or a gang assault and select from the relevant drop down box as can be seen in the image shown below.

    Now select the victim that you want to assault

    After choosing your victim press the button "Beat the pothead"! in order to perform the assault. In the case you are launching a gang assault you would select your user then click on the button marked "Plan the assault"

    After doing a single assault you will receive a fight outcome with the amount of stats you have won or lost. As can be seen in the image below I have lost the assault, but haven't ended up in hospital! In order to kill a victim in a 1x1 fight you need to be double strength. One thing to keep in mind always is your opponent's profession as some professions have much weaker fighting skills so even if your stats are very similar, or even more than your opponent, you may still lose the fight.

    If you have launched a gang assault then a box will appear on the screen showing other members of your gang and their decision on whether to join you in battle or not. Once at least 1 other user has joined the assault to can click the "smack" button to finalize the fight.

    How do I create and invite players to my Gang?

    To create a gang you must first be 50 respect, although it is very likely that by this point you are much higher than that!

    To invite an user to your gang is by visiting their profile and clicking on the button "Invite to gang".

    The button you need to click on in a player's profile is shown here:

    How do I edit my profile?

    To make things easier for players we made a new tab button called My Profile , that is situated at the top left side of the page, actually next to the Credits section. This new tab button was especially designed so you can have faster access to your profile and all its components, Here you will find 5 additional tabs as you are going to see in the next print screen :

    Now lets see what each tab will help you fulfill :

    * Levels - Here you will be able to see the current status of your level and the requirements to pass to the next one.

    * Profession - As you will see you will be able to change profession only 1 time per round so choose wisely.

    * Edit profile - Here you will be able to edit your profile entirely, add photos, changing your avatar and even if you want to receive messages from other players during the game .

    * Change password - As the name says you will be able to change your password, then you will need to confirm that from your e-mail.

    * Change username - You will have 1 free change every round, after as you see each change will cost you 20 credits .

    Now it's time for you to know about more features of the game and how to use them.


    In the recent rounds, the hookers feature became one of the most important things in the game. The Pimp character has a bonus in that it gives users a higher hooker payout and slightly cheaper hooker costs. In order to increase the payout/hooker per day you must increase your charisma. After buying a hooker the cost of the next one will increase.

    The image below is a print of how your hookers page will look. The first column shows the hooker's name, the second is the payout/hooker per TC day, the third is the total quantity you own of a hooker and the fourth is the price of the hooker that you own.

    To collect from your hookers you must first select the tick boxes of the hookers you wish to collect from, then click on the "collect earnings" button. Each hooker you collect from will require 1 stamina. A thing to keep in mind is that each time you collect from your hookers, some might escape or die. Its a matter of calculating when its best to collect their earnings to either invest in more hookers, or use in another part of the game.

    You can also buy some super pills to increase your hooker's production with 10%. You can buy it for 10 credits and it will last for 28 tc days.

    This is shown like that:

    Arms Dealer

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, the arms dealer is used to buy weapons and armors. All the weapons can be found in one tab and the armors in the other. Once you have bought a new item its important to make sure that its activated.

    You can also buy some heavy rounds to increase you weapon's strength with 30%, You will need 10 credits to buy them for 28 TC days.

    Here are weapons:

    As you can see you can buy the Mean Machine with credits , since day 1 . Same thing will apply for the Nomex Armour that you will see in the next screen.
    And here are armors:

    Drug Dealer

    The drug dealer is used for buying drugs to stock at your nightclubs. It can also be used to buy drugs for the incoming boats or selling drugs which you have received from your factories or from completing levels. Note than when you do sell drugs to the dealer you will lose 5% of the value. You have an unlimited amount of transactions at the drug dealer and each transaction or transaction attempt will cost you 5 stamina.

    This is the drug's market form and you can buy from here:


    The buildings are a good way to make easy money in the game. If you buy the VIP package you can see how profitable each building is each day. Your tolerance determines how many buildings you can own and your intelligence determines your buildings' production.
    All buildings have a daily maintenance fee so always ensure you have money "in hand" (cash) rather than putting it all in the bank.

    Here are all buildings that you can buy:

    This shows factories that you already have, you can sell them or some of them by writing the number of factories which you want to sell then just press on ''sell''

    After buying you can manage them by collecting your production like that:
    choose the factory which you want to collect production from then type the number of unites which you want to collect

    then just press '' collect ''

    You can also increase your production with 10%. This will cost you 10 credits for each 28 TC days. This shown like that:


    Nightlife is where you go to refill your stamina. You can save any rave here by clicking on the + sign at the top right corner of the rave name. You don't need a ticket to enter a night club but you will spend a ticket only if you start to take drugs to recharge your stamina, you are given 150 tickets to start the round and they refill automatically every minute up to a maximum of 70 and it can be increased if you get level up. You can also gain extra tickets by completing levels. If you wish to stay safe while visiting the nightclubs then your best chance is to save here your own rave party/nightclub and use only it. You are at serious risk of attack if you use any of the official TC raves or even any other players.

    People also use nightclubs for hunting fights. The most popular raves for fights are the official TC raves as well as those with a high number of different drugs although some players will simply enter into any rave and hope to find an attack.

    If you want to go to a known rave party or night club for you, just type its name and search for it.

    You will see your favorite raves like that in Nightlife page:


    Business is where you will find options to buy both nightclubs and hooker mansions. You can own a maximum of 3 nightclubs/Rave party's. You can then place drugs in them that you have bought at the drug dealer or earned from your buildings.
    You can also buy hooker mansions and whorehouses here to place your hookers. Keep in mind that whorehouses have room for 5 hookers where as hooker mansions can hold 15 hookers. Although at the start you may not have a great deal of money, its always best to try to buy hooker mansions as you are limited to the amount of hooker buildings you can buy. The amount you can buy is dependent on your stats.

    This shows the different types of businesses you are able to buy:

    After buying a rave party or a night club, you will need to add drugs there, so here you can see how can you edit your business:


    The hospital is where you will end up if you are killed by assault or gang attack. When you are in the hospital you can't use any of the game features. You do have the option to "buy private care" which will remove you from hospital instantly. When not physically in hospital and just visiting you can use it to by stats. In the beginning of the round, when your stats are low it may seem a good idea buying stats, but this money can usually be better spent elsewhere. As your stats increase, so does the cost of buying stats at the hospital.

    From here you can buy stats and methadone:

    Another option in the hospital is Plastic Surgery. This is used to clean up all of your red relations which you have met in nightclubs and raves. The only other way you will get rid of red relations is when you die from overdose or from an attack with the result being you ending up in hospital.

    Another option which you will find at the hospital is Detox. This is used to make your addiction 0%.

    The final option which you will find is Emergency. This is used to pay a friend's hospital bill

    You can see these 3 options here :


    You can find yourself in prison for a number of reasons. These include killing someone or a gang and failing a robbery. Whenever in prison you can see your release time at the top of the page.
    PLEASE NOTE: There are NO cheats for getting out of prison early, whatever you are told. If you don't wish to wait till your release time, you can either use 10 credits, bribe yourself out or ask a kind friend to release you using 10 credits.
    If you want to bribe your way out then add the 2 guide prices for escape together, then divide by 2. If you enter a bribe to small, you will lose all that money so take care when entering your figure.

    There is an option there called Help prisoner escape

    When not in prison yourself, you can use this feature to release your friends from jail. Simply enter there username in the text box and click on release. This will cost you 10 credits.


    The bank is a very important feature in the game, and its a good idea to store all your money there when it is not required. The main reason for this is if you fail a single or gang robbery you can lose a big % of this money. You can also lose money "in hand" if you answer a question incorrectly. Both of these are very good reasons why its always practical to store any unused cash at the bank.
    The first $100,000 of cash at the bank will earn you 2% interest per day and everything over this will earn 0.1% per day. Each time you deposit cash at the bank it will cost you 3 stamina.

    Another option at the bank is to Invest your cash. To invest your cash it will cost you 5 credits and take 4 TC days (24 hours). During this time you can not use the cash you have invested. The invest will earn you 3% interest after the 24 hours. If you wish to cancel the invest before the time is over, you can do so but this will cost you 2%. The invest option is available up until day 100. After this time you will not be able to use it again, although you can leave your last invest sitting there hiding it until the end of the round.

    Here you can view The Crims Bank :


    The casino is there just for a bit of fun. You will find it hard to make a big profit here fast, and you are much better spending your time making robberies where you will make both cash and stats. There are 3 games to play where you can win in game money. These include Blackjack, Slot Machine and the lottery. There are no limits on the amount of time you can spend at both the blackjack and slot machine but the lottery has a limit of one ticket per draw. The draws for the lottery are drawn every 4 TC days.

    View The Crims Casino:

    The Docks

    The docks is another main feature of the game. Throughout the round docks enter into the harbor and when they do, the price of the specific drug they are accepting will rise. You can find out what the next ship due in the harbor is by clicking on the "Tell me" button and this will cost you 10 credits. If you have the credits available and also plenty of spare cash to try to collect some of the incoming ships selected drugs its very worthwhile. In general the price will rise by at least 10% and if you pay the 10 credits you will be able to sell to the ship for an extra 10% which can earn you a nice profit.

    If you buy the VIP package you will also get extra ships in the harbour during the round, which will collect a limited quantity of a selected drug. You can not find out what that drug will be until it enters the harbor. Once you know, you can simply go to the drug dealer and try to steal some of the drug, or try asking friends if they have any they can donate to you.

    You can also see the history of previous boats.

    Here you can view The Docks:

    Training Centre

    The training centre is a very good place to build up your stats when you don't have enough time to play, or when your logging off. As you progress through different levels, you will unlock longer training times giving bigger stats. There are 4 different types of training available. These are listed below along with the stats they specialize in:

    Gym - Train your muscles! This will give you strength and tolerance.

    Education - Get those brain cells into shape! This will give you intelligence and charisma.

    Martial Arts - Haiyyiiah! This will train your tolerance and strength.

    Casanova Course - Learn the fine art of smoooth talkn. Your charisma and intelligence will rise.

    Sherlocks Office

    Sherlock's office is a very useful part of the game, and you can actually find out a great deal of information for FREE. The 4 options available at Sherlock's office along with their costs are:

    Once you have bought the packages required, simply enter a players profile and select the "Spy on User" button.

    The spy packages you have available will then show in the drop down box, as is shown below.

    The Square

    The square is generally just a place to speak with other players of the game. Some players also use it to recruit members to their gangs. Please always take caution when asked to enter a gang by someone you don't know from the square, it is more than likely just a plot to take your stats.
    At the bottom of the page in the square are the different language flags. You can use these to visit other countries squares.

    Fight Club

    The fight club is a reasonably new feature to the game and is used to have fights with other players without the risk of a gang assault or having to enter any nightclubs. When in the fight club you can use the 2 boxes at the top of the page to enter both the minimum and maximum respect you wish to fight. To challenge someone to a fight click on the "Challenge... " box. Once you have done this, your rival will receive a challenge alert. You can see your outstanding challenges by going to the assault page. They will show as below in a separate box to your ordinary assaults.

    You can also show other players that you are ready to fight. This is done by clicking on the Challenge Me button at the top of the page.

    Then when you go to assault you will see it like that:

    To cancel an assault you have sent a player, click on the red cross next to their name.

    NOTE: Beware when using the fight club! Many players using this are 1x1 accounts. This means they have used mainly the training option to up only their strength and tolerance. Through doing this they may have a respect of 50,000 yet stats of nearly 100,000 on both strength and tolerance.
    NOTE : Since round 63 we have decided that all kills made on Fight Chat won t count as normal kills encouraging with this the competition between killers .

    Virtual Gangs

    The virtual gangs is a new feature in The Crims. This is the first of a few ideas aimed at giving new players a better chance upon starting the game. Virtual gangs will occur as special events and arrive in CrimCity on various occasions during the round. Here you have some tips on how the Virtual Gangs will work :

    • They arrive at various times throughout the round and will rob different Gang robberies each day they arrive.
    • The Gang Leader will automatically launch the next gang robbery once one has been completed and other members are unable to launch robberies
    • You must meet the required robbery power to get an invitation to a virtual gang.
    • Cover is NOT provided in virtual Gangs.
    • Gang applications are handled in a list format meaning those who applied first will be accepted first.
    • If you lose stats and fall below the required robbery power you will be kicked from the gang
    • If you are deemed to be too powerful for that gang, you will not be invited.
    • You can perform a maximum of 50 robberies each day a virtual gang arrives in town.
    • Inactive members will be kicked from the gang automatically using the gang robbery participation %.
    • The maximum number of players allowed in a virtual gang at any one time is 200% of the requirement e.g. Al Capone allows 22 members
    • A virtual gang can not be attacked and Gang assaults can not be launched from inside it
    • The gang will not appear at Gang Stats

    In the next print screen we will show you how you can apply :

    You have just to make sure that your power is enough to perform the robbery which this gang is doing, then press on '' Invite me to this gang ''.

    The Alley

    The Alley is not a new feature in The Crims, We have reintroduced it so we can give the players new and exciting missions that they can do, Here you will have the possibility to gain some advantages. These missions are very helpful not only at the beginning of the round, but also during playing all the round, To Know more details about Tutorial quests' and Regular quests' "tasks and their rewards" , you can click here and scroll down until you reach them.

    Protected Accounts

    New feature on the game it has been implemented so new players may have a chance to learn the game more, get used to play and learn how to protect themselves without getting killed by older more experienced players. This protection will last 16 TC days or until the account will up to a 5000 respect. If the player chooses to take out the protection he can do it manually from hes profile .
    NOTE : Protected accounts will be able to make protected gangs . Once the leader will loose his protection, a new protected account will be appointed as gang leader .

    Professions & Levels:

    We have five different professions and each profession has it's own levels, here you can advance to different levels and gain benefits! The levels are shown in the stats lists. There are 11 levels in game. For almost all level you will receive gifts and bonuses. If you have recruited a new player you will received bonuses whenever he or she reaches a new level, see the "Recruiter rewards".

    If you want to know everything with more details about Professions & Levels you can press Here .

    Recruit gangsters

    You can earn some extra money by recruiting new gangsters, you can easily get there by clicking here, the following image will show you everything about it.

    For more details about your extra bonuses visit Professions & Levels.


    You know now everything about the game so far, you have to know that everything here can be updated every round.

    Here are some General FAQ.

    Are there any cheats for the game?
    NO, there are not.l

    How long is a TC day?
    6 hours

    What can i do with credits?
    There are now many uses of credits in the game. These are listed below along with the cost:
    * Buying the VIP package (50 credits)
    * Buying the optional starter packages at the beginning of round (10 or 20 credits)
    * Spying the next ship (10 credits)
    * Escaping from prison or helping a friend out (10 credits)
    * Exiting hospital Early (10 credits)
    * Extra 30 % on weapon's strength. (10 credits for 28 TC days)
    * Extra 10% production at buildings (10 credits for 28 TC days)
    * Extra 10% earning at hookers (10 credits for 28 TC days)
    * Investing your cash at the bank (5 credits)
    * Buying the sherlock package: Player Information (5 credits)
    * Spying on a gang (10 credits)
    * Changing your username (20 credits) - Each round you can change your username once for free!

    How do I work out my prison bribe?
    To escape from prison, take the 2 guide prices for escape and use the following calculation E.G. The bribe should be between $77,418 and $95,583 = (77418+95583)/2

    I've ran out of tickets, is there anything I can do?
    At the beginning of the round you will start with 150 tickets. Then you will receive 1 ticket per 5 minutes (12 tickets per day), you can own maximum 70 tickets and this maximum can be increased if you finish more levels.

    Why have my factories not produced?
    In order for your factories to produce drugs you must have money on you, as in money showing in the account in the top right hand side of the screen. If you have no money in here, and its all in the bank they will not produce.

    Me and a friend are in a gang together. We attacked another user with far less power and lost! Why did this happen?
    It is likely that the user that you attacked is in a gang. This means that you not only attacked the user, but all his/her gang as well and they must have had a greater power than you and your friend.

    Where can I find mine or another players ID number?
    Every player has a unique ID number. You can find your own ID number by going into your profile and looking under your name, there are 2 ways to find another players ID. You can do the same way in which you found your own ID, by checking in their profile or check in the URL bar when in their profile and it will show at the end of it. The ID number of a player is also shown in your guestbook when they leave you a message.

    How is respect calculated?
    Your respect is made up by a combination of your stats, money and kills. Every 4 stats points = 1 respect, every $10,000,000 = 1,000 respect and every kill you make = 1 respect.

    Note: When you get money after selling your factories, it won't make any difference to your respect.

    What are the captchas and questions in game for?

    We use them to prevent bot and script usage.

    Why have I overdosed and how long will I be in hospital for?
    You have overdosed because you have taken too many drugs in a nightclub. Always refer to the chart in earlier post of how much each drug will increase your stamina. When you overdose you will be in hospital for 4 TC hours, 1 real hour.

    Here are some advices for you as a beginner:
    * Read game rules very well and try to understand each part of it, when you feel like you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask us!
    * Try as much as you can to make good relations with players (you can use the square or any chat programs to keep on touch with players)
    * Don't be in a hurry and try to remove boredom from your criminal life.
    * Don't let it be easy for you to lose your friends.
    * Try always to prove that you deserve people's trust.
    * When you become a gang member try to be an active one.
    * If you find anything wrong with the game (bugs, errors, etc. ), don't hesitate to report it to us.
    * Don't try to use that bug, or you will be punished.
    * If you have any question during playing The game, try to check sticky topics on forum to find an answer for your question.
    * If you can't find an answer on forum, use support center.
    * Don't feel shy to ask about anything that you can't understand well, it's better to ask in order not to regret that later.
    * Don't try to use any program to play The Crims, we will know that and you will be punished.
    * Never think that you can't be a top player, each top player here started like a newbie.

    If you require further help please try the following:
    * Try posting at the forum either in the general forum or in your own countries support.
    * Check out where there may be some extra tips available.
    * If all else fails, send a PM to me via forum and I will get back to you.
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