Dear Gangsters,

We have launched a new discussion board in TC which you can find here: This is aimed at giving YOU the players voice in how future rounds of The Crims will look. Here the crew will post some of the ideas already proposed and you will have the ability to give feedback or suggest new ones.

The discussion board system is utilizing the Disqus platform. You can sign in as a guest or use your facebook/yahoo accounts. You also have the ability to use your TC username there. When ideas are posted we hope that players will discuss these giving feedback on them and also votes so we can get an idea as to how popular each are. Obviously we are unable to make all these changes in one go so we will choose the most popular and keep the others in mind for future rounds.

Please bear in mind that this board will be moderated and any breaking of game rules will result in a ban, so please keep things clean and keep on subject.

In the discussion for round 65 we have highlighted some areas of the game which we have already identified as needing further adjustments before round 65.

Please take your time and read the suggestions, comment and vote. We want to hear your opinions about these changes. Make sure you use the reply feature when you comment on a certain suggestion.

All the best and I really hope this can result in us changing the game for the better.