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Thread: Disqus Ideas

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    Someone could make an app for android or iphone

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    This I agree with, keep it to single account though as multi ones would be too much

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    GM tire o anonimato das boates e bater em amigos e volte com o clube de luta

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    skip the missions with money and credits

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    One thing that could be added to the game is specific to each profession workouts because the current platform only benefits killers (strength and Tolerance), intelligence and charisma does not benefit anyone, so it could create the type workouts, charisma / tolerance, tolerance / charisma for pimps, intelligence / tolerance, tolerance / intelligence for entrepreneurs and intelelligence / strength, strength / intelligence for thieves, so it will be more practical to complete the missions and would not need to train anything but use, but with the option of choice for workout.

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    Actually its been more than 8 years since i had played this game. lot of things had changed, i had found that there is a transfer credit, what about adding transferring money as well

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    Ideas for Round 76.

    1) Stop the milk and camels forever (end the red ratio), People who think in other raves earn only a score and not win the stats opponent.

    Person to gain stats in the game she has to be very strategic example:
    Steal enough soil
    Pass the faster levels (can include more levels for you always have a goal in the game)

    Earn stats doing Alley, Alley that way no one does, this dead weight (another person's gain stats so doing Alley)

    Train hard (For more training levels as you go through the levels)

    2) Buy Tickets: with credits (If the game is more individual one will steal enough soil, 200 Tickets is little).
    Example 5 credits or 10 credits one 50 Tickets package:

    3) Decrease even more people to robbery gang.
    Example (FK 7 people).
    So will have more gangs stealing and you will not depend on 10 people to make a Robbery gang.
    And also limit of 42 people in the gang for only about 20 pessoas20 / 25.

    I believe so the game becomes more individual, the player will win the Top for their efforts and their strategy, not because of stats.

    The chance to win top is for all, a novice player will have the same chance of any other player, just steal a lot and put together a good strategy and invest properly

    Sorry my English

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    Hi guys,

    I came with an idea, in the gg robberies it could be introduced not only robb money but also drugs and hokkers.

    Is a very bad thing in our society, the ilegal traffic of ppl coming hiden in ships and trucks, it could exists gg robbs on this such thing.

    assalting a ship or a truck we could win hookers or drugs

    GG robb: example

    Cartel de pabloescobar: 1milion of heroin for each member
    Ship Quen_Marry II : 20 hookers for each member

    It also could be introduced something like the FLAGS of Call of Duty, like to assault and robb international notables like bill gates(the flag), wich the gang who assault could kidnap him and keeping him arrested and if some gang wants to kidnap him it must assault the gang who had kidnaped him, uprising the stats necessary to get him and not only the stats for the rob this could work with lowing the number of members to assault to have more active gangs and more assaults gg vs gg, trying to get the notable wich is kidnaped.

    In the case of kidnaping, the gang wich have the NOTABLE should appear in the gang robberies to other gangs assault them and here it must have more stats to face of the gang with the FLAG
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    I think u guys need to make a app on android and ios, so you can more spread out.

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    Muitos usuários clamam pela volta dos puteiros, no meu ver, acredito que eles foram banidos pelo baixo número de usuários on line.
    A melhor saída seria misturá-los com as boates anonimas, com certeza o pessoal iria ficar tentando encontrar as putas, assim facilitando a caça
    Algumas boates contém várias drogas, pois são boates do próprio the crims. Faz alguns puteiros, mas somente o the crims que pode adicionar putas (:



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