We will continue with yet another multi round while making sure that the long promised round 70 will be as good as it can be!

We call the coming round 69.3 and we have done some small but vital adjustments for the multi system to work better. At the beginning of round 69.2 we wanted to figure out if there was enough interest to run a separate multi version. Well it didn't turn out that way and if you want to prove us wrong this is your last chance to do so

Round 69.3 starts on Thursday the 13th of February at 18.00 (6 pm) GMT+1 or 16.00 (4 pm) UTC.

The winners of round 69.2 will be presented as soon as we are ready with the controls.

Welcome to Round 69.3!

You can read all about the news here: http://beta.thecrims.com/?action=changelog