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Thread: Round 70

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    Default Round 70

    Hey Gangsters,

    Round 70 is coming up and before we release it we want to give you a chance to test it out. The beta will be released tomorrow (Friday) at 18:00 GMT+1. You can find the beta at . Because we want to give you enough time to test, the round start of Round 70 will be postponed until April 2nd.

    The new round comes with a lot of new things and concepts. I will try to briefly explain some of them here and feel free to get more acquainted with them by testing the beta.

    All nightclubs are anonymous so you can’t see which nightclub you are entering. Even the standard nightclubs are anonymous. You can also attack and set a Gang assault directly from within the nightclub.

    Wanted Score
    We have totally redesigned one of the limiting elements in the game, namely tickets. They have been removed and replaced by a new initiative we call “Wanted Score”. This wanted score indicates how wanted you are by the police, the higher the score the more likely it is that the cops will bust you, even if you have enough stats to do particular robbery.

    You can only own one of each building type and you can upgrade the production level of this building and it’s security level. The security level is vital to upgrade to avoid being hit by saboteurs. Each upgrades requires time and a certain level of stats to be completed.

    Just as with buildings you can only own one hooker of each kind but it can be upgraded.

    The sabotage feature is back but it has been totally redesigned. You can sabotage: buildings, hookers and drug stock. You can also invite your gang mates to join in the sabotage. Sabotage victims can also invite their gang mates to help them protect their property. In case of buildings and hookers the difficulty to succeed is calculated from the security level and the number of guarding gang members. When a sabotage on a building is successfully completed the production level will go down by one, the security level might also go down one level.

    Last but not least we will not allow multis in Round 70. All multis created during the 69.X rounds will be deleted before the new round start.

    Welcome to Round 70!
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