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    Default Round 70 - update!

    Listen up amigos!

    After running our long awaited version of Round 70 for a couple of days, listening to your feedback and looking at the results we have concluded that it is not ready for launch. Instead of launching this version we have made a couple of quick changes to the 69.3 version and named it Round 70 (confusing we know). We will stick to our plan to launch on Wednesday and the new version will be exactly a Round 69.3 but with these changes:

    - Multis will NOT be allowed. All multis will be deleted before the round starts.
    - Nightclubs and raves will be anonymous so you will not be able to see what exact club you enter. This change is to promote a one account playing style and make it harder to do stats transfers.
    - You will get 1 ticket per 5 minutes and you can accumulate max 200 tickets. You can enter raves for free but it will cost you 1 ticket if you take drugs or meet someone.
    - When you sell drugs to the dealer they will not appear at once.
    - Earnings on top single robberies has been lowered.
    - Cover is off on all gang robberies.
    - Weapon prices are back to what we had before the multi rounds.
    - You can change character once.
    - The game length will be 184 TC days.

    A beta will be started tonight and you will be able to play it until Wednesday. After Wednesday the beta will go back to our experimental version of TC.

    We hope you will enjoy the round!
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