Hey, i try to login to my account, but that shit ****ing refuses it?!?!?!

I played like 1 year ago, i even think its more, so when i logged in, it told me i had to change password, and i couldnt change to MY password i usually use, cuz of %#¤%#¤&%&/ stuff aint allowed, so i decided to change to the same password that i had before. I did that, i try to login, but that ****ing Thecrims site REFUSES to let me ****ing log in? What the **** am i doing wrong? Gettin so ****ing pissed with problems everywhere gdfgkdfkgdfkgd.

So could you please help me to login to my account "Tweekzify" and change the email adress on that account to "[email protected]" instead of "jocke.ruohoniemi" as i cant access to it cause of microsoft bein dumb in their heads with their SECURITY stuff, so please change my email. Thanks!