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    Default Looking for a gang

    Hello there.

    I'm looking for a gang in the new round. I'm 24 years old, loyal player who never "sold" a gang. I was a main player in gang "Ekipa Centrum" and after fusion with other gang i've been running it together with Arek888, CarnyKmH, Ekwador, Toni3k. Most of the mentioned players are not playing anymore ( except for Ekwador I guess ) and I had a little break too so it's hard for me to find a loyal and good gang now thats why I try my luck here. I'm active player who know whats going on in this game. I don't really mind if it's gonna be a polish or other country gang as long as some of the members can speak english. I hope I can find some nice gang and have a little bit of fun with gang members.

    My nick in game is Ce1. Cheers guys and have a nice day.

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    If it is wrong place for that kind of thread please move it to right section

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    Daniel4ever Guest


    You can use virtual gangs or try to make new friends

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    Virtual gangs are not that fun as normal ones, but thanks for tips



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