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Thread: "Best start"

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    Hello there. I'm been thinking how can u start new round to get big adventage from beginning.
    Should I pick MURDERER and just atack everyone who I find in club and focuse on that only?
    Should I pick MURDERER and skip atacks at start and just do some robberys untill I get like 5-10k stats and put all my money in stats only?
    Should I pick BUSINESSSGUY or THIEF and focuse on making some rang level and then change it to murderer?
    Or maybe there is another nice way to start new round good?
    I'm mostly playing solo since I just came back and I don't really have any good gang and the thing that mostly makes me happy is hunt but with this new hunt system it's a little bit harder coz I was pretty fast in clubs, now it is different.

    I'm waiting for Your opinions guys

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    This will depend much of their way of playing and what you seek in the game. If it is just to be top, goes thief. But if you want to be top and have the strength to play, will the murderer. Entrepreneur and pimp believe it is better when you have enough stats to get a good production, but that does not mean you should not buy factories and whores with another profession



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