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View Poll Results: How do you think Round 78 should be?

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  • Keep stats from GA and normal raves

    90 41.10%
  • Remove stats from GA, make raves anonymous and limit single assaults to once every TC day

    26 11.87%
  • Keep stats from GA and make raves anonymous

    103 47.03%
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    Default Round 78 changes

    There has been some discussion and strong opinions on how the coming round should be. This poll is guiding in how the next round will be. Thank you for your participation! Crew
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    Why is there no option for remove stats from GA and keep normal raves?

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    my ideea is : to make single atacks 2 times on crims day on same player ,and ga to be same 2-3 times on crims day ( to remove milks ) so ga to cant be performed on same people /gang more then 2-3 times on crims day.
    reimput when a player fails a single robery to lose stats olso like past rounds.

    In rest keep same like round 77
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    My opinion to make game little bit easier:
    1. make number format in all game (especially in dealer) like this : 7 587 123, 8 985 654 362 etc. Now the format 7584123 is not so easy to read.
    2. in VIP pack, show how much money/resp you earn when sell all drugs you have
    3. make option for automatically new training after ends the training
    4. more tickets - if i get on rank 5 + 30 tickets, it should be 230 tickets, on rank 8 + 40 tickets it sould be 240 tickets from that moment, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyPosrano View Post
    Why is there no option for remove stats from GA and keep normal raves?
    We had this already and after 2 rounds people complained that the game became boring and that we killed it . Why would be go back to that ? How does this work 1 round we have stats from GA one we do not?

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    Hello guys,

    In my opinion, the GA has always been the most fun part of The Crims.
    I think players without gang can't be attacked by GA, only 1x1 in the nightclubs.
    But it is just my opinion.

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    the GangAssalt is part of the history of the crims, you can not take it.
    Rave more anonymous hinder the milk and also not going to have this slapstick account 1x1 stop at rave
    This bunch of limit once a match day is dumb too, had to release beating all the time and get the same stats all the time, no decrease stats every confrontation.

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    If you remove stats from GA, better you remove this game , and also in my opinion the raves would be normal like this round, because if you play with team you can't transfer stats in the other way. Btw i want trusted account option back in this game.

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    Guys , milking is part of this game .

    GA and 1x1 make this exciting and intresting .

    If you want only robb ( this is really boring ) , play classic thecrims
    You can make gang with your rabbits and robb 24h !

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    I agree with Peppe69 but All players should be ga attacked If they have or not gang
    Last edited by Agresyvvny; 04-30-2015 at 03:10 PM.



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