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    Default The Best 1vs1 Competition for round 78

    Hello gangsters,

    The best 1vs1 Competition is back again!
    Ready for the war ? xD

    We are going to have a new competition here for the best 1vs1 for round 78,
    the winner of this competition will get a prize of 100 Credits.

    Here you will post by ''adding a reply'' about your best 1vs1 during 78 round in the following form:

    -Your account ID/Nickname '' needed ''
    -Victim ID/Nickname '' only if possible''
    -A copy or print screen of the 1vs1 result '' needed ''
    -TC time of this 1vs1 '' needed''

    Please Note:

    • This competition will start day 4 until day 100 .
    • If you want to take a part in this competition then you should reply to this post in the forum which I showed here above.

    Good Luck for all!

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    Omg so many 1v1 fight posted ...hard to pick a winner

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    Daniel4ever Guest


    Don`t worry will be a lot of them in the last days. 100 credits are very useful.

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    100 creds = less then 3 EUR

    i think the price is not high enough for 99% of the players

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    -Your account ID/Nickname '' ID : 15493217 / Nick : Bombolini''
    -Victim ID/Nickname '' 1429287 ''
    -A copy or print screen of the 1vs1 result :
    -TC time of this 1vs1 '' Day 38 22:29

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    Strenght: 2.956.310


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    Artek/Antykorozja ID;16351209
    LoOsTeaM ID;16383738
    You have been attacked by LoOsTeaM
    You won the match.
    Your intelligence increased with 135276.4.
    Your strength increased with 471633.5.
    Your charisma increased with 121403.
    Your tolerance increased with 404023.3.3
    Day 81 @ 14:42

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    The competition is finished .. Thanks for your participation
    Congratulations for the winner (Artek) ,, you will receive your prize very soon

    Good Luck

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    The prize was added to your account .. Good Luck



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