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    not fair..

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    This game is falling apart please someone catch it ! Love this Bebynho, all the time he write on forum is to flame or threath players about bans and bla bla bla's.


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    First of all, everyone makes mistakes, specially on the game. But on the game no one asks for taking it back, if it s his own mistake for his own account or gang. We lost lots of gang because we took ga and died. After we died, we are kicked automatically, so do we have to ask you to give us back. Because we had donations there. Of course NOT. So for their gang, also result must be the same, because they made this mistake by themselves. Not us, not any crew or not a bug.
    In my life, I have got principles;
    1. If you make mistake, you have got to handle with the result because there sah to be results (punishments) of every mistakes.
    So if n3nd made a mistake and dissolved the gang, its result is losing topgg. We dont take it bak because it is not our fault or crews' fault.
    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    For all of you here : repeat this sentence here again and you will get banned . You are all players and I will not say how good are some of you that wrote here for respect and because I am a crew member .
    I have to tell you I was banned 1 week for using that word in a PM so next time I see it here you know what I will do .

    hello because you do not you like the camel word what 's wrong to be banned so splenic me
    I do not understand why you can not use camel word and being banned from it

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    is there anyone crying?? since everyone make acusations to everyone, none satisfied.

    you´ll never see who got help, because there are many threads about complaining and no Photos and no Videos to prof whatever, they say....

    So, comming here is mean nothing, things just STAY AS THEIR ARE.

    Even the POLL, in the end, the ADM did not liked what they propose to vote. looooooooool seing this what and who we can believe??????

    I did not get any help, thats for sure.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    FIrst off do not come here and say just your version . We showed you what happened and you saw with your own eyes that on that browser you do not receive the are you sure message and you saw why . Memox said to you that this is not a bug but it was a problem of the browser.

    Now I think you people forget that R71 we did give back the gang so by doing that we did not regard RULE 1 so therefore there is no RULE 1 here. I do agree totally NEnd is a noob he , willingly or by mistake pressed the button and after realising he dragged it up hoping he will not dissolve.

    " had experienced similar situation in round 71, but in that case, a bug was confirmed by Crews, and I remember that Mr.Vash said to me:

    ‘’I will check your case, if I discover that you lie, I will ban you for tell a lie to crews.’’ "
    This is what you said no? Well yesterday for 2 h you said to me that you have prints and u sent us links that do not work , in the end you saw that the so called bug existed and the gang gets deleted so what I understand here is that you did try to lie to us no ? Or am I incorrect ? So make sure you realise what your talking when you ask us to apply the rules like you said yesterday and I quote : " YOu MUST BAN CAUSE HE LIED TO CREW "

    Now yesterday me and Memox spent a lot of time with you , and that for no reason since you are not either Crew or have any relation with the gang that was deleted , we did that so you can understand why Memox made that choice , we did not invite NEnd there to tell his side of the story SO I REALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN COME AND SAY WE HELP HIM .

    " Ahh just one more thing, my players does wrong click all the round, and couldn't leave gang in time, we lost stats and gang points, we can get our stats and gang points back ?"

    is this a real question or ..... cause I cant believe what I'm reading ..
    Bebynho, please, you are a crew member, so act like one...

    You are the abuse team leader... You should be an exemple for the players... You have to be impartial... Don't take anything here personal, we are not "insulting" you or Mr. Memox... We just want some serious explanations... You should answer this topic the same way that memox did... The question here is not about bugs anymore.... Mr. Memox for himself told that there are no bugs...
    The point here is why you should give back a gang to them, changing tha gang who will win this round, by a mistake of the own leader of the gang?? I just can't understand...

    And another thing:

    "For all of you here : repeat this sentence here again and you will get banned . You are all players and I will not say how good are some of you that wrote here for respect and because I am a crew member .
    I have to tell you I was banned 1 week for using that word in a PM so next time I see it here you know what I will do .


    Why will you ban someone here? there's a rule telling that you can't speak? Please show me this rule because I just can find it on the rules... Reapeating again... Don't take it personal... this is not the game, this is a forum... and I guess that everybody knows the meaning of a forum... Forum is a place do discuss, not to ban....


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    smk, u remember round 71? when ur gang was restored, because ure idiot so please stop crying, because u lost. When ur gang was given back, u was happy and memox was best human in the world. This isnt mistake from memox, but from u, in future be better and maybe u will win. relax ya
    Last edited by nofireK; 06-16-2015 at 03:21 PM.

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    1- first of all, bebynho, we have the proves and prints, i can show you anytime, if your computer don't opened the link, is not my problem.

    2- u try to show me yesterday, how nend deleted his gang, and i really don't see anything that prove something, just a wrong click, and in the rules is not saying that if u make a wrong click, u must contact crews and take your money back.

    3- as many ppls said before, wrong clicks are made all the time, and nobody get stats, gang points or others things after did wrong click, if u did a wrong click, u are ****ed, this is part of game, and give it back because he use a ****ed navigator is a kind of help for sure.

    4- u can't talk about round 71, because in round 71 u did nothing for help. Round 71 was saved because Pablo69 (best crew ever) investigate, and found what really happens, and this avoid a big injustice that could be happen, and, is a situation completely different.

    5- and nofirek, stop talk because u dont know what happen in round 71, so shut up your mouth !!!!

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    if it happened in the past and is happening now could make a rule for if it happens again, just a suggestion !! And also remember that there is new players, they might have a bad game viewing with problems like this, if bug and is proven seriously, is understandable, now it was an error, patience, the more you know what to do, wait for answers! !

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    Uma única palavra a respeito do acontecido da gg do n3nd: V E R G O N H A ! Ele errou e deve pagar por isso, ponto.
    Caso ocorra a volta da gg dele, pode ter certeza que esse jogo vai mas por agua abaixo do que esta, isso não é justo e falta de respeito com os demais jogadores dedicados (tempo e dinheiro investido aqui) e também não é justo perder por um erro humano (ELE QUE APERTOU).
    Aí eu pergunto para todos, para que serve mesmo as regras?

    Abaixo vou destacar algumas e que ele violou:
    1. A responsabilidade pela sua conta é exclusivamente sua. Sua conta não será restaurada ou terá "rollback", a menos que os danos tenham sido causados pelo Crew. Créditos podem ser restaurados se houver provas suficientes de abuso.
    5. Todas as ações devem ser feitas por você, estando presente no computador. Toda navegação deve ser realizada por você, clicando no mouse de seu computador. Isso também significa que adulterar a URL com edição no seu navegador é proibido. Add-ons em seu navegador que afetam a funcionalidade do jogo são proibidos. . (Será que ele não clicou? Se não foi ele, onde ele estava quando o fato ocorreu ?) o.O’
    6. Bugs devem ser reportados assim que descobertos, e qualquer uso de bug poderá resultar em penalidades. . (ele reportou o bug? qual foi o bug? QUEREMOS transparências.)
    11. É proibido enganar ou mentir para o Crew ou tentar se passar por membro do TC Crew. (se ele faltou com a verdade, devera ser punido, como consta nas regras).
    13. Violando ou tentando violar qualquer destas regras poderá resultar em penalidade decidida pelo Crew. Se você obter vantagens através de alguma outra conta que tenha quebrado qualquer uma dessas regras isso poderá resultar em uma punição, sendo que cada caso será julgado individualmente. (n3nd com sua farsa, violou quase todas as regras desse jogo, e ainda querem devolver sua gangue ¬¬).




    xBorges – Player da oRDER aND rESPECT.



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