Hello everyone,

I was thinking about current rave limits and I came up with an idea. Because these rave limits made the game like 2 different world. First is crowded world like from 0 to 350k respect limit and other one is big world, only big players are there. So as you saw till now, whoever wants to hunt and be topkiller, always try to keep his respect below 350k to find more people to kill. Others try to make more stats but they find pretty much less people than like below 350k hunters.
So, it caused to seperate worlds like;
A:Who plays for topkills keep respect below 350k.
B:Who plays for top5 or top3country try to be better
C:Who just started to game does not know many things about the game. I mean small account.

So A usually kills C and B usually finds B or some A players in raves. That is not really exciting for the game. If you get over 350k as hunter, till you find to improve yourself, big hunters find you and you again become below 350k hunter that does not make any sense to me.

My solution(idea) is;

To keep the same cost like 1 ticket if you get in your rave even when you do not take drugs or meet anyone.
To make rave limits like; 0-350k, 0-500k, 0-1kk, 0-5kk etc.

The thing is minimum respect limit is always 0 because robbers use limited raves but hunters, if they want to hunt they should find people to kill and also they should escape from big boys(hunters). So with this way they wont try to get lower because they will meet with bigger accounts too.

Robbers use their own raves and they wont be hitted by big hunters but also hunters will hunt big respect players and they will meet big hunters. So they all will try to be strongest in order not to be hitted by others.
Also hunters, according to me, must hunt all raves. With 0-350k and 350k-∞ they usually meet with lower accounts. So that gives them an advantage. We try to give an advantage to all because all big hunters complain about rave limits because they cannot find so many players in raves. They try to wait in TheCrims open raves to find some people.

I think that is fair to put some limits but also players should not be able to chose lower rave limits we will give them most availible option and also to choose bigger rave limits. I mean a player with 300k may also choose 500k limit or more. But 1kk player cannot choose a limit with 500k.

They wont be able to put certain limits according to their respect but they will put a certain limit on their rave.

I dont say directly to put these limits but please make minimum respect limit always 0. That will give all to find all hunters and hunters will know they wont often meet with lower acounts so they wont try to be lower.

I would like to hear all your ideas about rave systeme,
Please do not hesitate to write here LOL

Best Regards from eagleking52
Tolga Gedik