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    Default 4th LEVEL of TRAINING


    I have been thinking about it for long time. When we finish tickets and when we go to bed to rest, we should have got an option to put our account on training for 6 hours. Because normally, we need minimum 5 hours to sleep. So if we dont wake up on time, we lose time to put second train. Thats why, I belive there should be a 4th level giving 2x of 3h training or closer. And it must be actif after we get the level 12 on the game. This sshould be when we sleep or when we wait on dealer to pick some drugs for boats. So if we dont want to robb that day, we can put full day training and we can leave game sleep also.
    Please consider that and give us your feedbacks,

    Thanks in advance,
    Tolga Gedik

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    yes yes you are definitely right

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    its not very good because TC will have too much stats



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