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Thread: Auto robb

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    Oct 2012

    Exclamation Auto robb

    Hi ,

    Bring back the option for auto robb , now gang robbs is shit . How we can play for top and for topgg ?

    - If we whant make topp we must robb with 50 people
    - When 50 people robbb 20 accept robbs and we win for example at BG 1,8kk instead of 4,5kk - Where is the advantage of robb in gang ?
    -The players ho put there skill points in single robbs win same money like us in gang robbs and we stay 2 3 hours to robbb awsome

    P.S. - Don;t Kill gang robbs and bring back the auto-robb options

    Best Regards ,


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    Hi N3nd,

    Unfortunately we have a problem on [auto-robbery] feature , our developers are working to fix it as soon as possible.

    Best Regards, Crew

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    Fix the auto rob, we need this to be something fast and practical in order to win more respect, please Fix it fast

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    Heya ! Why u don`t fixed till now? Is little more waiting ... We are robbing FK / BG / OIL with 16-17-20 people in,instead of 12/6 . It is normal ? Where is my advantage from gang robbs?
    Last edited by SportsMAN; 10-14-2015 at 03:08 AM.

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    Yea, i've been seeing this bug since the begging of the round ...
    Even, if the bugs ment to be fixed on beta, Why they still in the regular round? lol
    Beta is pointless tho

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    this is true , without autorob, we cant make any top gang or take gang robberies .
    for example instead of taking 4kk $ each member, we get only 2,3-2,5 because are too many players who accept robb.
    fix the autorobb or there will be no more gang robberies

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    Jun 2015


    Hi ! True , we are robbing fk/bg in 14-20 people and we are getting less money than we should :/ . How we can play to be a top ? Dont kill gang robs and our fancy to play . Let us robs normally . Please fix it !!!!!!!

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    Dec 2008


    Hi guys , well we took autorob out at your request because it was not working OK . yesterday I informed our developers that we need to change that so we are trying to find a solution ASAP.

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    Good Morning , I agree with what the other players are asking in this way robbery is very bad hope you repair it before the round ends , it is hurting everyone with a steal and 18 accepting and coming little money .... .... please pack it up quickly.

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    Feb 2015


    The problem is not fixed cause the game is PURE SHIT right now and crew too



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