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    Thumbs up BBcode Tutorial (How to build your profile)

    What is BBcode?

    BBcode or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. The Available Tags are usually indicated by square brackets [] surrounding a keyword and they are parsed by the message board system before being translated into a markup language that web browsers understand such as HTML or XHTML. Font

    BBcode to edit text, insert images and players link.

    Always remember that all codes start with [key] and end with [/key]

    1- Bold,Italics, Underline, Struck through.

    HTML Code:
    Bold- This is[b]bold[/b] text.
    - Result - This is bold text.
    HTML Code:
    Italic- This is[i]italic[/i] text.
    - Result - This is italic text.
    HTML Code:
    Underline- This is[u]underlined[/u] text.
    - Result - This is underlined text.
    HTML Code:
    Struck Through- This is[s]struck thrugh[/s] text.
    - Result -

    2- Color edition
    To change the color of the text use this code [color=....] your text
    (...) Replace the points with the color name in english.

    HTML Code:
    This is [color=red]red.[/color]
    - Result - This is red.
    HTML Code:
    This is [color=blue]blue.[/color]
    - Result - This is blue.
    HTML Code:
    This is [color=yellow]yellow.[/color]
    - Result - This is yellow.
    HTML Code:
    This is [color=green]green.[/color]
    - Result - This is green.

    For more colours in english click here.
    You can also choose the color that you want using hex codes. To use this feature select the colour that you want here and copy the hash code. [ color=#]

    HTML Code:
    Example [color=#6040BB]text[/color]
    - Result - text

    3- Text alignment
    You can align your text only to right left or centre.

    HTML Code:
    Right- [align=right]this is an example[/align]
    HTML Code:
    Left- [align=left]this is an example[/align]
    HTML Code:
    Centre- [align=center]this is an example[/align]

    4- Insert Images

    To insert a picture on your profile first you need to upload the picture and then copy the link inside this code
    HTML Code:
    - Result - using this link

    5- Fonts
    To change the font of your text first you need to choose wich font you want to use.
    Use your microsoft word or notepad to find a cool font.

    Here goes some examples:

    HTML Code:
     [font=pristina]This is an example[/font]
    Result- This is an example
    HTML Code:
     [font=arial black]This is an example[/font]
    Result- This is an example
    HTML Code:
     [font=impact]This is an example[/font]
    Result- This is an example

    6- Text Size
    To modify the size of the text use the folowing code
    HTML Code:
    [size=12] Your text [/size]
    Replace my example size wich was 12 for the size you want.
    Example: Hello

    7- Linking other players on profile.

    In order to link one player on your profile you will need to copy his ID and paste it after the (=) Just like this
    HTML Code:
    Example: Flavio92

    Please be free to report any other working codes that you know so we keep this thread updated.
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