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Thread: Is not fair

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    معملتش ليه موضوع ف المنتدى وقولتلهم تعالو نعمل جانج مع بعض وجمعتهم انت ؟
    [12/11/2015 06:54:32 م] m7moud gad: مش هعمل لان محدش بيثق في حد
    [12/11/2015 06:54:37 م] m7moud gad: خصوصا المصريين
    [12/11/2015 06:54:40 م] m7moud gad: وانت عارف كدة
    [12/11/2015 06:54:47 م] m7moud gad: انما لما تيجى في اسم مشرف
    [12/11/2015 06:54:48 م] Ahmed Ali: تمام بس انا عملت كدة
    [12/11/2015 06:54:51 م] Ahmed Ali: وجمعتكم
    [12/11/2015 06:54:51 م] m7moud gad: هتبقى وحشة
    [12/11/2015 06:54:59 م] Ahmed Ali: لا عادى انا لو حلبتكم
    [12/11/2015 06:55:00 م] m7moud gad: مهو انت الى تعرف تعمل كدة
    [12/11/2015 06:55:03 م] Ahmed Ali: محدش هيعملي حاجة ف الكور
    [12/11/2015 06:55:09 م] Ahmed Ali: محدش هيعملي حاجة والله

    i hope no body from crew and moderators remove my post i think darbaka is big noob here and this game should be shame this not fair enough he said he collect gg from forum and milk them wat shame no shame if he just normal player but he ****en crew and collect us 4 milk ,how we can trust in crew and in this shit game make something memox plus i will show u guys something dangerous [13/11/2015 05:15:14 م] ChArLlEs DrFuLeN: bg next day
    [13/11/2015 05:15:15 م] ChArLlEs DrFuLeN: guys
    [13/11/2015 05:15:27 م] MǿhâMëd Shëkǿ: gl all
    [13/11/2015 05:15:32 م] ali şahin: really ?
    [13/11/2015 05:15:34 م] João Lucas de Oliveira (Plant): how did u know fulen
    [13/11/2015 05:15:34 م] João Lucas de Oliveira (Plant): ?
    [13/11/2015 05:15:47 م] Error Desert: ؟\
    [13/11/2015 05:15:49 م] ChArLlEs DrFuLeN: yes
    [13/11/2015 05:16:05 م] ChArLlEs DrFuLeN: I sent memox send the turn of the day
    ChArLlEs DrFuLeN wtf how can memox tell player what is the next day rob this called justice or if he liar go ask darbaka coz he in his ****en team i think this evidance should be enough and stop say we make lies on him i made tickets on darbaka and daniel answer on me give me prove i said go ****en forum and look he said then u dont have any prove wtf why they sit in chair and be ****en lazy for check on anyone even all players complan on him,thx noobs for big lazy answer .hope make this game fair enough and hope ban those benefit from position

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    Double posted.

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