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    Default Latvian TOP 3 [Respect] - From Round 89

    Hi, Latvian players!

    I want to offer a competition also organized and for Lithuanian players. Objective of the competition is to collect the maximum of respect between Latvian players (as well as living and abroad). The prize fund has 100 credits. So prepare for the next round fights for the top places and get awards!

    Latvian players with the most respect will win following prizes:
    1 place: 50 credits
    2 place: 30 credits
    3 place: 20 credits

    Credits you will get at the beginning of the next round!


    1. Competition is open also to other countries Latvian players, but in this thread you must register by writing your ID number, account name and country from which you play. For example: Player A has 2 million respect and wins in Latvian statistics, but player B which has 3 million respect, but playing for the UK flag gets the grand prize, A player receives a second place.

    2. The player who receives Ban (for serious violations of rules) - lost opportunities to claim the award - it automatically assigned for the below player.

    3. The player during the round after receiving a warning or a ban on communicating in square - will be able to continue to claim the award.

    The rules valid from the beginning of Round 89, and it is valid until here will be reported about changes.

    Lithuanian community moderator LITHUANIA

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    Nice! I'd chip in with credits to make the prize pool bigger, but I have none.
    Edit: was half-asleep when read the thread, lol
    Last edited by Sylph; 09-07-2016 at 01:58 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylph View Post
    Nice! I'd chip in with credits to make the prize pool bigger, but I have none.
    Edit: was half-asleep when read the thread, lol
    Good evening, Sylph!

    This is the first time such a competition for the Latvian community. What will happen in the future, will be seen - everything will depend on your LATVIANS activity =] Crew
    Moderator (Lithuanian community)

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    Im traying to get the activity. Im redy to help whit credits for Latvian players. Im contacting ewry player and ask for activity. If moderators help whit suport and good game i can make prize biger whit 100 credits. Starting from raund 90 Im fully helpfull to get activity from Latvians and make some good and onest game...
    Best of luck from laurensisss

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    Visi kas vēlas godīgu spēli sazinieties ar mani. Visi kas grib uzzināt kā tieši spēlēt laipni lūgti pievienoties un apgūt prasmes. Zinošākie padalīsies ar info

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    Round 89, winners:

    Latvian players with the most respect:

    1. TRIEKA (id:17393943), respect 12595136
    2. tvix013 (id:16624419), respect 5727917
    3. laurensisss (id:17392870), respect 5322920

    *) Player BlackmambaGejs (id:16459041) is banned, so player laurensisss (id:17392870) take top third place

    Last edited by LITHUANIA; 10-18-2016 at 08:21 PM. Crew
    Moderator (Lithuanian community)

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    Tnx for cear LITHUANIA

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurensisss View Post
    Tnx for cear LITHUANIA
    Good evening, cheers. The rules are clearly written, so here seen the consequences if they do not comply! Crew
    Moderator (Lithuanian community)

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    Round 90, winners:

    Latvian players with the most respect:

    1. Maarcha (id:16455853), respect 41000000
    2. M1FrE (id:15742138 ), respect 32154700
    3. Komandors (id:14237202), respect 17178000

    Congratulations! Crew
    Moderator (Lithuanian community)

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    Round 91, winners:

    Latvian players with the most respect:

    1. cranberryvodka (id:14815410), respect 52610400
    2. M1FrE (id:15742138 ), respect 40000000
    3. Kljons (id:17412451), respect 31590000

    Congratulations! Crew
    Moderator (Lithuanian community)



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