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    Default Tips and must know things

    1. If you want to achieve more than an average player - buy VIP package for 200 credits.
    2. Make sure your addiction is less than 10% before doing training (otherwise stat gains are lower). And, of course, make sure you train train train train. Everyday.
    3. Don't forget to use Items wisely. But also - don't forget to use them at all.
    4. Make calculations for everything. Evaluate pros and cons for every move you make, especially the ones, which might have different further paths. Consider skill points distribution for different benefits, evaluate all of the prior making decision. Calculate how many hookers it is beneficial to own. Consider your capabilities on gaining stats (ask yourself if you are the hunter). If not, maybe wasting stat points on strength is not your best option.
    5. Boats. Don't miss them. It's boring, sometimes extremely time consuming, but often quite beneficial. If you have spare credits, definitely buy +10% cash gains.
    6. Sometimes you don't need to buy all weapons in a row. Consider price vs benefits you receive (assault/robberies powers).
    7. Try to complete as many missions from the alley as you can. Though, some of them are worth skipping as they are time consuming with low benefits. Check out Game Guide for additional information what can you expect for completing various tasks in The Alley.
    8. Use your tickets wisely. If there are no good events on the new TC day, don't waste all of your tickets that day. Use only as much as it is needed not to aggregate max number so the next TC day you would have max tickets and maybe some better event (i.e. police reinforcement, economy booming, various gang and single robberies).
    9. Goggles of Fortune. Item which increases cash gains from single robberies. Use extremely wisely. Don't spend on the day when there are no good robbery events.
    10. Casino dice-roll. You can roll dices once p/TC day for free. If you have spare credits, buy 2 additional rolls for 6 credits.

    This is just for beginning.

    Good luck!
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    Nice advices!

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    Good job with topic man!!
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    Great thread good advice's.

    The only thing I think is not correct is the title of this thread, Should have a more enlightening title so that other players before entering the thread know what it is.
    Anyway, useful tips.

    Abuse Team | Planning Team

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    10 steps on how to actually make more than 50 kk respect without breaking a sweat and the 1st constructive thread If seen in a while . Good Job !!!



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