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    Default Abuse crew updates

    Hi, today we decided that the ban durations we used were VERY tolerant (RULE #5 ONLY). They were something like this; we ban a botter, he can come back next round and "play correct". But in most cases they came back with same cheats or a bit improved ones and doing same thing again. The old system was like this.....first ban was round ban, second ban was round ban again, then on third ban was 3 months which is extremly tolerant. A lot of cheaters could get away with this very easy ruining other players experience, which is unacteptable. So we decided to be less tolerant by getting cheaters out of game and trying to improve the clean players experience. That being said the new durations look like this:

    -first time is 3 months
    -second time is 6 months
    -third is perm

    This change starts today! I know players got round banned for #5 already this round, but lets call them "lucky guys".

    If anyone does not know the rules they are here translated on every language. I repeat, the changes apply only to rule 5!

    ////ABUSE CREW
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