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    Default Waitin for an answer Mr Memox 2

    Ok , Mr. Memox i am waiting you answer because seams that this coowner bebynho is not correct when its about his wife Alessandra .
    The problem is i got banned 1 day because Bebynho that say he left crew says the i am racist or i insult a polish guy because i post on my profile that he was porn star , k1 fighter and actualy pc fat wanker . In my opinion i shouldn.t take ban because this game is not for small girls that start cry for a word ( wanker ) , i remind u that this game is full of BAD WORDS .
    Ok i accept my ban buy why co owner don.t ban his wife also ?????? I gived him the proof of when she insults me on other guy guestbook , and bebynho told me " i will not ban her just warn xD , if u make post on forum i will close it that are his words . Hmm i think he defend his wife ??????
    I willl attach also the print where the co owner wife insult me .

    Wainting an aswer from Mr. Memox.
    P.S. Bebynho don.t close the topic here ia noting rasit not a single word . Or what u don.t like when i show people u cover ur wife ?????
    Don.t say she was warned , she was warned severel times untill now .
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    Hi there,

    It seems you think you are the one making the RULES ,You are not ! you were warned to stop with this childish attitude , you started all these problems with your profiles so take responsibility for your actions. LAST TIME IF YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT BAN DO IT ON SUPPORT LIKE ALL.

    PS: For all of you that you think you actually know the rules

    (puke) your getting dipped by everyone ? you must smell worse then hamada . hahaha fishy bitch - Just one of the messages from Alessandra's GB .

    Now since it wasn't a spam that guy like many others is not and was not banned. Let's think before we actually write things because the rules are for all the same so .....
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