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    Default How to make big respect ( easy way )


    As I can see,rookie players complain to crew about teams.They complain because they can't compete vs them.

    Well,it's not that hard to beat a more experienced player who is helped by some friends if you make a good strategy.

    Many players don't have a lot of time to play this game,and they give up.

    I am here to show you,it's not hard to make big respect with max 50-70h (depend on how fast you robb)

    First of all,you don't need to spend 2000-3000 credits or something like this,400 are more than enough.

    Let's begin...

    When round begin,don't waste your credits on those packages that give you 50 of every stats and some useless whores.

    Just continue buying only vip 3 package or vip 2 if you don't have a lot of credits.

    After you did this,go to Alley and finish the missions from lvl 1.

    *Buy extra production for whores and builds.

    When you finish to do that,you'll receive some rewards that will help you later.

    After that,robb till you make 1,5k respect,so you can finish lvl 3.

    Now,the most important thing,because of new changes,train your intelligence till day 10.
    Every TC day,make 2x trains on intelligence till day 10 so you can robb Casino + Police reinforcements in that day.

    Try robb all of your tickets if economy or police reinforcements come,because you will get more stats/cash and you will have bigger respect.
    Don't forget to make 2x trains on intelligence before you robb,so you can robb something more bigger and you won't waste tickets on lower robbs.

    BE CAREFUL,I know a lot of rookie players that buy stats from Hospital.DON'T DO THAT,Just TRAIN+ROBB ALL TICKETS.

    Don't use any items,I will talk about them later,Just don't be stupid and waste an item so early,just because you want to pass a level faster than anyone else,it won't
    help you in any way if you are first Capo or Consiglere.

    After you finish all missions from alley from lvl 1 and 2,you need to concentrate on missions from lvl 3,4,5,6.
    Those missions give you a lot of benefits,like Googles of Fortune that give you a lot more cash from robbs.

    *Use all points you receive from levels/mission on more CASH FROM SINGLE ROBBS.Don't put them on something else.

    It's day 10,if you manage to do all what i say,you will have like 600-700k respect without any help (I know it's not a lot,but you'll have more later)
    If you completed all mission from alley (it's not that hard) you will have like 4-5 pairs of googles.

    After you finish levels,use all the stats you get to Intelligence till day 10.

    *Some missions from Alley,give you tickets,don't press on ,,Finish'' mission,because in some TC days,some events like ,,DRUG KING'' can come.
    This robb,give more than Motorcycle gang,and you need only 75.000 Single robb power for it.
    In day 10 you will have a lot more than that,and you can robb even if Police Reinforcements come with Drug King.

    If Drug King come till day 12 try to keep 300 tickets and robb them with googles as fast you can,and you can get a nice profit.
    After you manage to robb those 300 tickets with googles,press finish on missions that give you tickets from alley and robb those tickets too.

    If you manage to do that,you'll robb like 500 tickets on DRUG KING,all of them with googles.(Let's suppose you can robb at least 100 tickets/1 google)
    Drug King give like 23.000.000 cash/ticket if you robb with Police and Googles.
    So,500 tickets x 23.000.000 = 11,500,000,000 cash.
    Wow,that means 1.150,000 respect only from 500 tickets.

    But,we can't be sure if DRUG KING come,because it's all random...If it won't come till day 14-15 finish missions and robb tickets when economy or Reinforcements come without GOOGLES.We will keep GOOGLES for later.

    After day 10,you need train Charisma and Inteligence.I say to train both of them,because charisma it give you more cash from whores,and intelligence help you robb something bigger and help you to have stats for next levels.

    It's day 15,you are level 7-8 and you have like 1.5kk respect.

    Now,the most important thing is INVEST.After you finish to robb,put invest every time.You will get some nice cash from Invest.

    By the way,try to upgrade your builds from time to time,because it's important to get some cash from builds too.

    Till day 25 train one time Charisma and one time Intelligence.If you manage to pass some levels,put all stats to CHARISMA.

    From now,all stats you receive from levels/missions put them on Charisma.

    Now,I think you think why I don't say to train tolerance too.
    I didn't said,because since this round,Tolerance doesn't give you more builds.It only helps you for gang robbs. (But we don't need them)

    In day 25,try upgrade your builds a little bit more (buy only cheap builds,like Painkiller,Booze or those who are cheap and it give more cash.
    *Don't buy expensive builds.

    After day 25,train only charisma.Just TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN CHARISMA.That's all what matter now.

    In day 30,if you robb your tickets when events come,and sell drugs to ship from your builds (you don't need to waste time on dealer) you will have like 6-7.000.000 respect.
    Buy whores for all cash,trust me,even if you spend all of your cash you'll be amazed later.

    Now,if you bought whores for 60kkk cash,Whores will produce like 1kkk/tc day.
    That means 100k respect in one tc day WITHOUT changing your points to them.
    Don't buy more whores,just that.

    Till day 60,collect whores + builds,sell drugs to ships from builds,robb and make invest. (This all you need to do,it's very simple,it don't take more than 30-40 minutes every real day)

    In day 60,after you train charisma and put all stats you get from levels and mission,you will have like 1.4kk charisma and your whores will produce like 1.2kkk cash or 120k respect /tc day.

    Now,let's talk about the cash you will have.
    If you do all what i said,step by step,in day 60 you will have like 110- cash or 13kk respect only by cash without using any item. ( I said an aproximation,I can't know 100% how much cash you will have,but my aproximation is 98% accurate.

    After day 60,make

    All good till now,but be careful,after day 60 try to not lose any invest,put it every 4 tc days so you can get max profit.

    Till day 72,try to robb some fk's so you can reach level 12. (I did lvl 12 in day 68,two rounds ago and I didn't give a shit,it's easy.
    If you don't have already power for FK+Police Reinforcements,try to robb with Economy or when there is no event that raise the difficulty of robbs)

    Now,in day 72,if you are level 12,try do all missions from this level,it will give you a lot of cash,especially on those mission where you need buy drugs and sell them to VIP BOATS.You will make like 900k respect profit from one mission.
    IN day 72,if you did invest every time,and you robbed your tickets with events,collected your whores and sell to ships from your builds,you will have like 170kkk cash.
    That means 17.000.000 respect only by cash.
    So,most of you think why I didn't said to change points to whores?Well,first of all,they give you some nice cash,and for now,if you don't have a gang to robb fk,it's useless to change your points,so better keep your points on more cash from solo robbs (it will help you a lot in the end,trust me)

    Try to play the free dice every tc day if you can,you can win googles and more whores.

    Now,it's day 72.You whores produce like 125k respect each tc day,and your builds like 250k.
    You ask yourself how can your builds can produce that much? ( Well,if you upgrade them,a little bit every tc day,they will start produce that amount of respect)...When I talked with crew about how much builds will produce at max levels,they said ~400k,but I won't say your builds will produce 400k,since you can't upgrade all to max levels till this tc day.

    Now,let's make a calculus.

    Your whores produce cash and your builds produce 2.500.000.000 /tc day.
    *Don't buy any whores and don't update your builds till day 100.

    Every real day you get like 288 tickets + 60 from vip package= 348 tickets.
    Try to not have full tickets (300) and robb them before going to sleep,and when events like Police Reinforcements come,robb all tickets (this is a must)
    Now,let's make a calculus.... 348 TICKETS x 12.000.000 cash from every Motorcycle robb you do = cash.That means 417k respect.
    Why i choosed to put 12.000.000 cash for every ticket you robb?Because sometimes,Police reinfocements come and one ticket give more than 12kk,but sometimes police don't come and you need to robb your tickets so you won't reach 300 tickets.

    So,day 72,buy one item that give you 10% for invest.

    10%100 x + 17000000000 (10% from our cash) + (robbs) + 4.800.000.000 (whores/4tc days) + (builds/4 tc days) =203976000000 cash or 20,400,000 respect from cash ONLY.

    Day 76,do the same,robb,collect whores+builds,sell drugs,put invest with item.

    10%100 x 203976000000 + 16970000000 (whores+robbs+builds) = 241343600000 cash or 24.000.000 respect only from CASH.

    Now,do the same,buy an item,robb collect whores etc.

    10%100 x 241343600000 + 16970000000 (whores+robbs+builds) = 282447960000 cash or 28,200.000 respect only from cash.

    day 80,do the same,collect whores,robb,collect builds and sell drugs and use item for 10% invest.

    10%100 x 282447960000 + 16970000000 (whores+robbs+builds) = 327662756000 cash or 32,700,000 respect only from CASH.

    day 84,do same things i told you before.

    10%100 x 327662756000 + 16970000000 (whores+robbs+builds)= 377399031600 cash or 37,700,000 respect only from cash.

    day 88,do same things I told you before.
    Now,I will write here only the cash you'll have after invest with 10% + robb + collect whores and builds,because it's very boring to do that.

    432108934760 or 43,200,000 respect only from cash day 92.

    Keep going,do same things i told you,use item 10%,robb,collect whores,builds etc.
    *In day 92,sell all of your heroine you get from National Capitalist and gain like 950.000 respect from this too.

    So,day 96 you'll have like 501789828236 cash or 50,000,000 respect only from cash.

    Again,use another item for invest.

    Day 100,you will have like 580.000.000.000 cash ONLY FOR DOING THOSE SIMPLE STEPS.


    So,10%100 x 580.000.000.000 + (10% FROM your cash ) = 638000000000 or 63,800,000 respect on INVEST.

    *Use all of your items for invest,every time,because you don't need to stay 12h on dealer to make a true junkie,this is for no lifers and robots.

    Now,in day 100,your whores produce like 1.3kkk after you finally have 2.000.000 charisma.
    In day,100 your builds will produce like 300k,because you will upgrade them a littel bit too.

    They give you a nice profit.

    Now,let's calculate how much tickets you will gain till day 132.
    Why day 132?Because in day 136,event with 50% more cash from all robbs will come,and you need to prepare 300 tickets for that.
    32 tc days x 87 = 2784 tickets.
    Now,for every ticket you robb,let's say you get ~ 15.500.000 cash.
    Because police can't come every time,and you need robb Vatican without any event too,so you won't reach 300 tickets.

    If you manage to robb those tickets,till that day,you will make like cash.That means 4,400,000 respect.
    Now,in day 132,don't collect your whores and builds,do that only in day 156.

    Now,let's make a calculus about the tickets you ll have in till day 155 (day 156 doesn't count,because all events will dissapear then).

    19 x 87 +300 tickets u will have from day 132-136.=1953 tickets

    Now,Vatican give with that 50% bonus and your points to more cash from solo robbs,something like 54.000.000 cash from one single ticket,if you robb with googles and Police Reinforcement,of course.
    Till this,day if you didn't use any googles you get from Missions/levels/Free Dice,you will have like 10-15 pairs of googles (depend on your luck)

    Now,if we make a calculus,1953 tickets x 54.000.000 (you can get more,but this is the average cash you ll get,because sometimes police reinfocements don't come)=105,000,000,000 cash or 10,500,000 respect only from those robbs.

    Now,in day 156,collect all of your whores and builds,and sell the drugs you collect.

    So,If our whores produce since day 100, we will make a calculus like this. x 56 =67200000000 cash or 6,720,000 respect from whores till end.

    Now,our builds produce since day 100,something like cash every single tc day. x56 = 168000000000 or 16,8kk resp,but wait,we need remove 5% because drug dealer always take 5% from what you sell.
    5%100 x 168000000000 = 159,600,000,000 cash from builds.

    Now,if you collect your whores+builds,you will have like 159600000000(builds ) + 67200000000 ( whores) = 226800000000 cash or 22,680,000 respect.

    Now,let's add the respect you got from robbs too.

    44,000,000,000 cash (100-132) + 105,000,000,000 cash (132-155) = 149000000000 cash or 14,900,000 respect from robbs.

    Now robbs+whores+builds = 375800000000 cash or 37,580,000 respect.
    Now,stats from trains + robbs will give like 500.000 respect also.
    So,you will have 38,080,000 respect.
    Now the whores you bought,give you respect also.
    If we bought whores for cash,they should give you back like 2.000.000 respect.
    So,38,080,000 + 2.000.000 =40,080,000 respect.

    Now,you did 40kk respect,without even collecting your monster invest.

    If you want to make it more exciting,collect your invest in last 10 minutes.

    If you collect your invest,you will finish with ~ 103.000.000 respect.

    It's very easy to do this,since Developers changed the system of builds,and now somehow,they are a bit more profitable than whores.

    If they wouldn't make those changes,you can still do the same things i explain here,and make like 70kk respect only by cash.

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    Hey Becks,

    You have did a very good job really, Thank you.

    Best Regards, Crew

    Good friends are like stars.
    You don't always see them,
    but you always know they are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becks View Post


    If you don't understand something,feel free to ask.
    I don't see the most important part, RESET at end of the round

    p.s. Good Job, Congrats !

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    Great job Becks, I think that we should redirect our new players to threads like this!

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    what a big book becks xD

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    Hi there,

    Great job mate!

    Best regards,

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    Good job Becks

    Ps: Best donator xD Crew
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    If you don't understand something,feel free to ask.
    You've wrote it in the end of your text man xd

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    Quote Originally Posted by TcTaBuTcU View Post
    You've wrote it in the end of your text man xd
    Where? I can't see it.

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    Thats an amazing guide, mate, thanks for that!

    But by following your guide, what if after level 12, I want to focus in assault? What should I do?

    Quote Originally Posted by SyNkBoy View Post
    I don't see the most important part, RESET at end of the round
    Why is that?



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