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    Red face Nostalgic Game, Last Active 2008, unbelievable this game is still exist

    anyone has the same experience as i do?

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    please do not say that this site is still exist but no activity at all

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    Dec 2008


    well I have been playing for about 10 years now or more .. actually I forgot when I made my 1st account but I recall I was still in high school. Soon we will have R100 that will bring some major changes which we hope will make it better and with that I hope we can have at least another other 100 Rounds hahaha

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    Wow... I was looking for this game for like 15 minutes and found an image on google that i remembered it. I first started playing this years and years back. There were like over 3+ people online.. EVEN more. School/College days. thats like 9-10 years for me. Good to see its going, dont remember how to play now though lol

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    Braga, Portugal


    And 10 years later we never forget thecrims.

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    I am too nervous to start over the game from the beginning lol.
    it's clearer now, my last active is in 2007, still single (now i am a father of 2 kids lol) i used to play with my friends when i worked for that office ( I resigned by the end of 2007).
    what made this game fun was its translation to my language (Indonesia) which was (and still it) precisely naughty but fun as hell, we always used many words in there to make joke with friends at work.
    As if there is a mobile version of this game, i will be glad to install and play it again.

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    Welcome back Crew
    Abuse Team
    [email protected]



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