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    Default Design For Us! (Cup&Medal Design Competition)

    First of all hello to everyone, I wish all the best in 2018.

    Secondly, as it is known we have the future project about changing the game design as we've posted some pictures of new design on the Instagram, we want to have new medal cup and skulls to be used in our new design. We want from you players to design new types of medal cup and skulls, your project will be voted and if you will be winner, you'll be awarded with 300 credits and a special badge which non-existed untill now! Moreover, your design will be used in The Crims!

    If you are interested to join the competition, just make your project, design the new cup medal and skull types, upload your project and post here!

    • Top 1-2-3 cups
    • Top 4-5 medals
    • Gang medals
    • Top 1-2-3 country medals
    • Top 1-2-3-4-5 skulls (killer)
    • A special badge for round 100 (everyone will have this badge who's played in round 100

    There isn't deadline yet, we'll announce it.
    Good Luck!
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