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    Quote Originally Posted by SycylianBoys View Post

    He just copy paste what riot stuff write 2k9 xD such a big "expert" in our TheCrims forum :/
    now u failed phantasma like crew last round haha
    If you complain so much about crew and game itself why dont you leave? Your endless bullshits wont change nothing.
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    [QUOTE=SycylianBoys;255221]Riot Games when preparing special events preparing that long time but always are ready and everything is perfect when needed to be ready and perfect.
    -(Allstars - new map for example)
    -(Example 2 - Winter map on Christmas)

    Eleague when preparing BIG tournaments like CSGO:MAJOR always make perfect job to dont fail. Thats why Valve giving them a MAJOR tournaments to organise, because know they can do that on time and do that perfect.

    What I think is this : YOU LIVE IN A PEPPA PIG WORLD and the faster you wake you the better it will be for you. Comparing 1 developer and 30 crew members , with companies as RIOT and Valve tells me that you are a kid.

    Now I do not know why you are frustrated man but please stop coming and make us pay for it, moreover next time just wait for an official statement from people that actually know what is happening with the game and stop making a fool of yourself.



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