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    Oct 2005
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    Something that could be revised is the need to be part of a top 20 / top 10 gang to pass level, it is totally unfair to anyone who plays alone and who does not have time to join a team. This mission may exist, but in the alley, where the missions are more "eclectic".

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    Username : KochamIwonke
    ID : 16419273
    Lvl 6 / Day 51 Tc
    Professions : Robber


    Im just getting frustrated coz i can't past Dubai quest. It's very hard to find time to rob when im working for like 12/13 hours. Im sitting at lvl 6 for like 2 weeks. For that moment i can pass lvl 7 and lvl 8 coz i have all required stuff like power, drugs, respect and money for donations, but i stuck with this Dubai...

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    Username: AlienAlied
    ID: 17185777
    Level 4/Day 52 TC
    Profession: Robber

    I believe that in level 4 robber only problem is to kill 5 people, to be honest most of my friends were asking other people to create newbies with 1k respect and then shutdown the secure thing from setting so they can attack and gain the Level 5 stats but what if I don't have any other friends that plays the game, how can I level and each time I die from very very low respect hit-man.

    Since the profession is (Robber) why don't you make the requirements something has to do with Robbery, I can't say create bots to kill them because it will make the game very easy but I'm a robber why do I have to kill like the hit-man?? doesn't make any sense plus the gang assault even in the (VG) some players doing the same trick ( they play with low level characters and once I take the char to enter my disco/whorehouse...etc with my main account I will assault him and my gang will win which is breaking the rule but in a legal way and VPNs can easy hide the real IP address and even the DNS server so it's gonna be hard to track them.

    I really wish the TC team to find a solution for that profession and IP tricks to cheat out.

    PS: I really wish TC comes back to it's old unique. It was really fun to play and I can remember when we were adding each other to assault haha. the stronger wins!! updates are really awesome but need to be balanced because it's not fair for some other professions like PIMP, businessman and robber.

    I have Discord channel and i wish you guys join me there so we can talk to improve the game, TC support team and WE (players) can make a difference and improve the game but we must talk because its better. We can make it together please if you agree please feel free to join me. (day 55 TC) lets make it the good gathering to improve our game and balance it. Discord link ( ). You don't have to download Discord just copy/paste in your browser or DL it easier.
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    Username: Noxious
    ID: 17487634
    Level 12/Day 110 TC
    Profession: Pimp

    Its impossible to play with pimp, its so unfair, thats is my profit day with 2kk charism (without roll dices), its too low, and reach these absurd levels requeriments -> collect 2b at begin, collect 25b and 50b its absurd playing alone, and its much complicated to play solo with pimp (thats no multi acc so all professions must be able to be played solo), pimp needs to up tolerance to reach last level 2k fk, needs to up intel to solo rob and the most important up charism to 2kk, look at bussinessman, its need only 20b to reach max level on buildlings and profit 1,5b/2b a day, and need only less than 60 days to put it full, and not need stats to produce drugs, its unbalanced so far ...

    the suggestion: increase solo robs bonus, decrease requeriments of collect hookers on levels, buff bonus or the charism bonus of profit or low the 2kk charism for max profit of pimps, put one more slot at builds, increase pimp item bonus on black market, at least its must be able to play solo with all professions, its one account game so do it, thx
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