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Thread: medals

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    Default medals

    oky i respect to this. but we are curios about that

    don't have money for hold any designer for make do design?

    20 players? go make a poll and write newspaper after let's see together.

    everyone flame on devepolers because of that medals.. ))

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    I'm sorry but I think we got things wrong here ... Do we have to make a poll to ask you guys permission ?! Do we have to make a poll so we can have 20 guys vote? So 20 guys can talk for all the game ? I remind you that the we made a thread were we asked for HELP and only 2 people sent us medals and we picked the best that will work on the new design.

    I'm quite angry and disappointed that people that never showed interest in actually helping us come now and complain and criticize the work of other players that tried and actually gave us something but on the other hand this is the community and it should not be a surprise.

    To close the subject , I will have a chat with Memox since someone sent us a formal complaint about the meaning of the medals.
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    To be fair we contacted a company , the one that worked on the design and we told them what we wanted. The problem is they never got back to us so since we were left with no other choice we went this this design which in my opinion is not all bad and will probably be better on the new design.

    Regarding the poll , no ! People had their chance and like always they decided not to care. If we are to change it, it will happen after this round or when we find a better solution to them.



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