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    Default Regarding the medals shenanigans!

    hello, i see everyone is complaining one way or another about the medals, i couldn't really get to the context of the situation and i don't really understand if it's about making a new medal designs or the purpose of the medals in the game itself.

    i saw "Bebynho20" wrote about the company that made the new game design and how he contacted them and they never replied and then they asked the community to provide some designs, which only 2 people did and i was 1 of these 2 people and i did submit my design for the medals and i never got a reply on which if they are going to use it or not, incase the problem is about the medal designs, i'm more than happy to redo my design if it's not good enough and sketch some new ideas.

    As always i'm happy to contribute anything to TheCrims.

    And here is what i did submit before and if it's not gonna work or need any kind of edits you guys only need to ask, i can do a different designs, no problem at all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasma820 View Post
    hello, here is my final project.

    4 types of medals, numbered from 1 to 9.
    4 types of gang medals.
    3 different trophies.
    2 types of skulls with 5 different colors. side note (couldn't do a different type for each position/rank so i went with 2 types and 5 different colors instead)
    1 special badge/trophie for round 100.

    the image's original size is 1300x700, open in a new tab for a better view.

    And here is a small test image for the icons.

    The icons height are 35px and the width varies from 24px to 35px, the original images are up to 2000px by 2000px, so i can deliver any dimensions you wish for.

    The images contains no styles or effects or gradients, just flat colors.

    In the test image, drop shadow is used so the shades of silver and gray are seen.

    Upon your request, i can edit anything you want, and i'll zip the final images with any dimensions you ask for in a folder and upload it.
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    Hello, Dude

    everyone want to old medals so on this medals you can do some little changes you should adjust these medals according to the new design but I think design should remain the same. you can change colors and make some little touchs.

    please no do it news designs.. already this designs is very perfect since 2006

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    We need a new design to make the game work better on phones and on tablets and I am not talking about an APP. We will try to find a solution for those that will not want to play on the new one but I can tell you it is much better than the actual one. Our goal is not to max at 600 700 people per day but we would like to go to 1 k and above . In order to do that TC needs new features a new face and PUBLICITY.

    We will see If we can do something for those that do not like the new design. I would like all of you to give it a try and we will decide If we like it after 1 round playing on it
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