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    Default Team Challenge in Arena

    Hey guys, so this is an idea i already presented to some of the crews, i'm posting it here also to see possible reactions..

    So, as the title says, it consists in "Team Challenge" section for Arena.
    It could be a final round event, and it could be one of these 2 different versions, like;

    1-Being 2 completely random teams with many players selected by the system (When you apply) and it could match the teams by players power.
    2-Or being teams of 3 players each, selected by the players themselves (playing with your friends).

    Then basically just like other challenges, winner is the team that gathers more points by the end of the event.
    There would be a new Badge (or maybe even a new medal if they like this to make a whole new "round competition")

    I think it would add some more fun to the game and the Arena section...
    Let the crews know what you guys think.

    Cheers ^^
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    And what do players have to do in this event to gain points?

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    It could be basically the same as current Arena Challenges, just of course working together in teams vs teams...
    "Team Rumble" version, or "organized by players" team version, or maybe both, it would be nice..

    I leave it up to the mods, if they like this idea and want to apply it ingame and perfect it...
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    Good idea, would bring some more challenge in a different ways for the fight club. I like this
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    will there be a way to differentiate teams ? as you can imagine in TC we will always have 1 account with top skill ... Will it be fun to fight vs a team that has 1 or even 2 accounts like that ? How would you go around that ?

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    Uhmm lets see if i understood the first question eheh
    We can differentiate teams by just team 1 team 2 etc (depending in the order of teams already created, maybe)
    or the player who create the team could just put it a name himself, right before he invites the other accounts (friends).
    (If thats not it, the next will "answer" both questions as much as I can) x)

    About the second question tho, its a good one i had it in mind, but i thought it should be, as i said, "perfected" by you guys, since i'm not really a programmer and dont know much about how the game system works and its "possibilities" on creating something new like this in TC, plus i'm an old player that just came back after 10 years, is still just checking the huge game changes done, and is not so "updated" yet about everything and the players around...

    Well, i assume that there's way more than just 2 or 4 good players (?account with top skill?), so it wont be only just 1 or 2 great teams winning it all.
    BUT i imagine that maybe, there could also be a way to make it a little more fair for all by "leveling" it in team/players power maybe, and teams could "rank up" soon as they reach 100% or the minimum necessary power for the next category (mainaining the ammount of points the teams gather on the way up), this rank up could be done automatic, or by different little events along the round...
    But still attracting all players by rewarding with something usefull not just Badges and not just the top 3 teams in "Team Challenge", maybe that could awake even more interest... ^^ its up to the players if they dont join "Team Challenge" since day1 skipping the lower power categories, but everyone has the same time in a round to level up after all Ehehe
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    Here you have some prints where you can see the process we use when we try to create a new feature ... just to make you understand how complicated it is, changing buildings was an idea CREW had since round 60 and we were able to do it 10 rounds ago. What you see here in the prints is the basic concept , after that comes testing and more changes , after that trying to balance it and after that we implement it in the game were we see that the results are never what we tested since we can't actually test in a real environment , the 10 players on BETA aren't helping much.

    So this is my email [email protected] --- Please share with me a google doc where you have the idea clear on paper or at least some of it.
    Changing the ARENA is a long dream of mine but there are so many other things to do before we get there. I hope that soon we can have more than 1 developer so things will run a little bit smoother .

    For the moment my biggest problem is making 5 out of 6 professions as equal as possible and i hope that for next round that will be possible .
    In any case I am waiting for your email and thanks for your interest in the game.
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    Yes my friend, i understand that, even tho, as i said, i have no experience at all as developer/programmer...
    I just thought that the idea of making Team Challenge could actually be really fun and captivating, i surely wasnt expecting it to be implemented right on next round of course ehehe i'm sure you guys have a lot of work with other things too, and this is certainly something that would take sometime to think well and test, but its something i'd like you to keep in mind.

    I think i saw somewhere you complaining that the teams use Arena to transfer stats nowadays and you wanted to end that..
    well, maybe making the Arena Challenges scaled by something like "activity points" also could actually be implemented in all the challenges not just in "Team Challenge", to help avoid that as much as possible, or take off stats transfers from Arena challenges ;x
    A Challenge could be divided by many different ranks of power, plus activity points... just an example...
    And sure there's more ways to add certain limitations to the Arena Challenges that would help about that, and even make it a whole new competition...

    But yea, alright bro, i'll also think more about it, i'll send a reminder to your email then.
    Lets see if i deserve the "Ideas Badge" faster than the Team Challenge at least :P
    Cheers, have a good day guys.
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